Sunday, April 19th, 2015

O’s re-sign McLouth

After the O’s wild postseason ride ended, one of the first questions fans were asking is “What will the O’s do with Nate McLouth?” McLouth, after all, had been the team’s best hitter during the postseason, when it seemed that the state was too big for most everybody on the team except him. Right here at the Nest, Phil Backert said the O’s SHOULD bring back McLouth,... [Read more]

O’s wise to part ways with Reynolds

I don’t know if I have ever seen more of an outcry from a fan base on the release of a player that hit .221 and struck out 36% of his at bats in his two-year stint in Baltimore, but that is what has happened with Mark Reynolds. His ability to hit moon shot homeruns and catch pop-ups while tumbling over the field tarp catapulted Reynolds into a fan favorite that many fear will be hard to replace in... [Read more]

Stop asking Jim Johnson about starting

I think we can finally put the “Would Jim Johnson make a good starting pitcher?” questions to bed for good. Johnson, who set an Orioles record with 51 saves last season, has been quoted in the past as saying he would like to be a starter. It’s been a topic of discussion for several years, with even the great Jim Palmer endorsing J.J. as a starter on several occasions. However, it... [Read more]

Showalter loses out on Manager of the Year

Despite pulling a moribund franchise from the depths of a 15-year losing streak and coming within one game of the American League Championship series, despite reversing a 69-93 record to 93-69, despite putting together the best record in one-run and extra inning games in recent memory, apparently O’s skipper Buck Showalter did NOT do enough to win the American League Manager of the Year award,... [Read more]

This fake Orioles movie needs to be a real thing

For the last several weeks, our friends over at Baltimore Sports Report have been doing a very fun little exercise where they choose the cast for “Buckyball: A True Underdog Story” (like Dodgeball), a movie that documents the Baltimore Orioles’ amazing 2012 season. Some of the cast they have chosen include: Will Smith as Adam Jones, Neil Patrick Harris as Nate McLouth, Ben Affleck... [Read more]

O’s pick up Ayala’s option, decline Reynolds’s

Yesterday, the Orioles made one contract move, as they exercised their $1 million option for right handed reliever Luis Ayala. Ayala – his inherited runner track record aside – was damn impressive out of the bullpen, pitching to a 2.64 ERA in 66 appearances. However, it was the option that the club declined that has Birdland all atwitter today. In a move that was widely expected, the club... [Read more]

Orioles get another sweep, this time at Gold Glove award ceremony

Add a nice little exclamation point to the Birds’ magical 2012 season. All three Orioles that were finalists at their position for Gold Glove awards – J.J. Hardy, Adam Jones, and Matt Wieters – were declared the victors last night. It was Hardy’s first Gold Glove, Wieters second (and second consecutive) and Jones’s second (first since 2009). While it was no shock that... [Read more]

Gold Gloves announced tonight, three Orioles are finalists

Just like last year, the Birds have three finalists for the Gold Glove award at their respective positions. Last season, it was Matt Wieters, Nick Markakis, and Adam Jones that were the finalists, with Wieters and Markakis taking home their first such honors. Jones won the award in 2009, becoming the first Oriole since Mike Mussina in 1999. Now it looks like the O’s are likely to have at least... [Read more]

What should the O’s do with Nate McLouth?

Should the Orioles re-sign Nate McLouth? The easy answer is “yes, of course.” However, the real question should be; what role should the Orioles re-sign Nate McLouth for? As free agency approaches, this will be one of the bigger questions surrounding the Orioles besides finding help at second base and adding depth to the pitching staff. After being released by the Pittsburgh Pirates at the end... [Read more]

An incredible season comes to an end

This past week has been like pretty much every other MLB postseason in memory in a very noticeable way – we were reduced to cheering for the Evil Empire to be taken down. Well, now that the New York Yankees have been summarily swept out of the postseason like the trash they are, we O’s fans can sit back and reflect on the Birds’ 2012 efforts. Efforts that, of course, culminated in a September... [Read more]

O’s tie series, force Game 5

That is all.  Read More →

Day after thoughts

Baseball playoffs are not the same as football playoffs. Social Media has become what message boards and sports talk radio used to be – an avenue for fans to express their feelings about their team.  Facebook and Twitter allows instant reaction which can be a good and a bad thing. Reading the overreaction on social media last night led me to come to the conclusion that after 15 years, Baltimore... [Read more]

Birds even ALDS, head to Bronx tied at 1

Sorry for the lack of posts here Nestgoers. It’s been a hectic few days here for us, but just know that we have been sharing every bit of excitement with you, living and dying with every pitch during the O’s wild card win against Texas and through the first two ALDS games against New York. First, Friday night – Congrats to the O’s for taking down the defending American League... [Read more]

Who to start on Friday? Saunders, Johnson, or Hammel?

The following post is from Phil Backert, a former producer of The Rob Long Show on Baltimore’s Fox1370, current associate producer on SiriusXM Fantasy Sports Radio, and die-hard O’s fan for life. Phil’s work will be appearing regularly here at the Nest. Follow Phil on twitter at @PhilBackert. After manager Buck Showalter elected to start Chris Tillman in the last regular season game... [Read more]

Silent bats force O’s on the road for wild card play-in game

After finally breaking out offensively last weekend against the Boston Red Sox, the O’s bats looked to be riding a wave of momentum into the season’s final series in Tampa Bay. Unfortunately, as the old adage goes, “good pitching beats good hitting.” The Rays, possessors of baseball’s best pitching staff, were in no mood to do anything to disprove that saying. Tampa starters... [Read more]

Updated version of “Orioles Magic”

Some local Baltimore artists and fans decided it was time to update the Orioles Magic song. What do you think, Birds fans? I certainly enjoy the video, but I think I prefer the retro, silly, classic lyrics and song style. Here’s the old one to compare.  Read More →

Game 162 again crucial. Also, thanks for nothing, Boston.

With the final day of the MLB regular season upon us, there are still a multitude of potential scenarios in the American League playoff picture. Though we know the five teams that are in the postseason, who will play who, when, and where is all still very much up in the air. This morning, the Yankees (94-67) are one game ahead of the Orioles, who are tied with the exact same record as the Rangers... [Read more]

Let’s Go O’s! On to the playoffs!

The last time our Baltimore Orioles clinched a playoff berth I was 4 years old. This is new territory for myself as well as the generation that was “lost” in close to a decade and a half of consecutive losing seasons. But that’s all in the past now – we are losers no more, we are playoff starved no more. But this ride doesnt feel like its coming to an end anytime soon. We are... [Read more]

It’s O-ffical. Birds are in postseason for first time since 1997.

I woke up this morning and checked the standings just to make sure it was still real. It is. The Baltimore Orioles have clinched a playoff berth for the first time in 15 years. While it’s absolutely a shame that the Texas Rangers blew a ninth inning lead in the first game of their doubleheader, and in the process denied the O’s the chance to celebrate on their home field along with the... [Read more]

O’s tie franchise record for HR in a game

Now that’s how you get the bats out! After I spent yesterday lamenting the lack of offense that had engulfed the Birds over the past four games, they broke out in a big way in their final contest with the Blue Jays of 2012. Though it looked to be another case of a struggling starting pitcher getting the better of them, as Carlos Villanueva allowed only one run on two hits – the run on... [Read more]