Saturday, March 28th, 2015

This post was originally written right after the Squealers and the Refs stole Super bowl 40 So, the Steelers won the super bowl, huh? Or the Seahawks lost it. Whatever. After letting my boiling blood cool for a day, I want to say a few things about the big game. First off-a disclaimer: The Pittsburgh [...]

for the Ravens/Browns game preview. However, we think the team’s 41-90 record since rejoining the league is embarassing enough for you Clevelandites, without bringing the Keebler Elf into things. But just for good measure, take another look at this:

The 2-1 Ravens travel to Cleveland this week to take on the 1-2 Browns. The Browns could easily be 2-1 themselves, were it not for some late-game trickery by coach Lane Kiffin and the Oakland Raiders (read about it here: The Ravens, on the other hand, head to Paul Brown stadium on a modest [...]

So Peter Angelos has succeeded in killing baseball in charm city. Just take a look at these sad, sad images from the Free the Birds 2 Rally. If you can bear to look….Concession stand, 10 min prior to gametimeLower concourse, 10 min prior to gametimeIs anybody coming?Upper concourse, 5 min to gametime…so no point in [...]

Once is a fluke, twice is a pattern…. The Ravens were able to overcome a second straight 4th-quarter defensive collapse this week, as a 46 yard Matt Stover field goal with time expiring lifted the Ravens (2-1) over the visiting Arizona Cardinals (1-2). For the second straight game, the purple and black dominated on both [...]

In a match-up of 1-1 teams, the Arizona Cardinals visit B-More this week to take on the Ravens. Much like the Ravens last week, the Cards relinquished a big lead but still came out on top, defeating Seattle 23-20 at home on a last second Neil Rackers field goal. Also like the Ravens, it was [...]

The first post on the O’s here at the Nest is a call to action for fans. WNST-Sportstalk 1570 is having their 2nd annual “Free the Birds” night on Monday, September 24 at Oriole Park at Camden Yards. The O’s take on the Royals at 7 p.m. Tickets can be purchased for as little as [...]

With Steve McNair on the shelf with a groin injury, it was the much maligned Kyle Boller who led the Ravens to their first victory of the season. Boller had arguably his finest game as a Raven, tossing 2 TD passes while not being sacked nor turning the ball over even once. While the score [...]

The Jets (0-1) visit Baltimore this week to take on the purple and black. Coming off a game in which they got embarrassed at the hands of Bill Belichick’s band of cheaters, the Jets will likely be without starting QB Chad Pennington. It’s a shame too, as a Pennington vs. Steve McNair battle of the [...]

The Pitzburgh Squealers last week unveiled their first official mascot in team history, to an ecstatic response from the team’s artificially inflated fan base. “Wow, I can’t believe we finally have a mascot,” said long-time black and gold lover Doofus McPierogibreath. “After all these years of convincing myself that a ‘steeler’ was actually some sort [...]