Monday, March 30th, 2015

jacked upAdd to My Profile | More Videos A scary hit for you all today. Happy Halloween!

disclaimer: this article heavy on the stats. If youre a stat-o-phobe, turn back now. You have been warned. The Good The Ravens currently sit at 4-3, tied with the Cleveland Browns (!?!) for second place in the AFC North, just a game behind the Squealers. Historically, the Ravens are a much better team in the [...]

BOSTON – Before beginning play in the 103rd MLB World Series, the Boston Red Sox were kind enough to lend their home field to the Special Olympics for a short 2-day event. The games were a resounding success, and even included a special-needs celebrity. Mongo Papelsmear, known best for his role as “Warren” in the [...]

Well, we can finally get around to our game recap now that the swelling has subsided from banging our heads against the wall along with the rest of you Ravens fans on Sunday. The Ravens shot themselves in the foot again and again and again in Buffalo on their way to falling to 4-3 on [...]

Another Traitor?? We don’t even know what to say about this one. Should O’s fans be upset that an Oriole fan favorite is making videos cheering on his old team, a hated division foe? On one hand, Millar was part of something special up there in ’04 and it’s nice to see a bit of [...]

Team Stats:This week the 4-2 Ravens travel north (almost to Canada, right Willis?) to take on the 1-4 Buffalo Bills. When looking at the Bills record, along with their stats this season (they fall near the bottom in most categories on both offense and defense, as seen above) Ravens fans may be lulled into a [...]

Say it ain’t so, 96. One of the Nest’s all-time favorite Ravens, Adalius Thomas, is now taking shots at the organization that gave him his break and made it possible for him to sign that big money deal with the Patriots. In the latest issue of Sports Illustrated, AD had this to say: “You’ve got [...]

Chris McAlister’s torn PCL will not require surgery (at least at this time). The Ravens are understandably being very guarded about releasing too much information about his injury, not wanting to tip their hand to the Buffalo Bills, or any other teams on their schedule for the next month or so. ESPN is reporting that [...]

The Orioles have announced the signing of Rick Kranitz as pitching coach. Kranitz comes over from the Florida Marlins, where he spent the last 2 seasons. He was awarded the 2006 Baseball America award for Major League Coach of the Year for his work as the pitching coach of the fish, having led a rotation [...]

It seems one Raven came away with more than just one of the team’s five interceptions on Sunday against the Rams. What Brian Billick originally described as a “tweaked” knee is turning out to be something far more serious for cornerback Chris McAlister. Apparently, C-Mac’s knee has been swollen since the game, and Doctors have [...]