Saturday, March 28th, 2015

The Ravens pushed their record to 4-2 Sunday, beating up on the hapless (and winless) St. Louis Rams 22-3. Both teams were playing at less than full strength, trotting out players that certainly were not at the tops of the opening day depth charts at several key positions. Backup quarterback Gus Frerotte was expected to [...]

After 2 years rocking in the Camden Yards dugout, the O’s have fired Leo Mazzone as pitching coach. Mazzone joined the team to be able to hang out with his boyhood friend Sam Perlozzo, and was never able to work his Atlanta magic here in B-More. Maybe he should have been given the benefit of [...]

Several pieces on the Ravens will be airing on television this weekend. Right around noon on Sunday’s ESPN NFL pre-game show, they will be airing a segment they filmed on the Ravens’ road trip to San Francisco last week. Included will be many off-the-field aspects of the team that we as fans don’t normally get [...]

This week the 3-2 Ravens take on the 0-5 St. Louis Rams at M&T Bank Stadium. The Rams, a preseason sleeper pick by many to win the NFC west, have had a dismal year so far. Like the Ravens, the Rams have had to deal with the injury bug. Perennial pro-bowl tackle Orlando Pace is [...]

An article on ESPN today named “Five to Fear,” 5 NFL players who force teams to alter their gameplans just by being on the field. A panel of 11 “experts” made up of GM’s, players, scouts, and coaches came up with the list – Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, Steve Smith, Randy Moss (crazy how much [...]

c/o WHFS Morning Show, “Kirk and Mark”

In a game that was about as exciting as watching paint dry, the Ravens survived their first trip to the west coast this season, holding on to beat the San Francisco 49ers by the yawn-inducing score of 9-7 (Not quite the 20-17 “Barn-burner” predicted here, but a nail-biter nonetheless). It was the first time since [...]

New York- Umpires in Friday night’s American League Division Series game between the Cleveland Indians and New York Yankees stopped play in the 7th inning, deciding that Yankees pitcher Joba Chamberlain’s body odor was giving him an unfair advantage over Indians hitters. “The Indians hitters were visibly woozy after stepping into the box against him,” [...]

Jim Duquette has resigned as VP of the Orioles. Duquette was instrumental in such earth-shattering signings as Corey Patterson and Danys Baez, while also having the savvy to trade John Maine away for Anna Benson (kind enough to bring her husband, Kris, at least for one season). The Nest fully expects more shake-ups to continue [...]

The Ravens (2-2) travel to San Francisco this week to take on the 49ers (2-2), who are on a 2 game losing skid since starting their season with wins over the Cardinals and Rams. The niners will be without their franchise quarterback, Alex Smith, who dislocated his shoulder in the opening minutes last week when [...]