Wednesday, April 1st, 2015

Thanks to the Sun, and Roch. Brian Roberts – 2B Melvin Mora – 3B Nick Markakis – RF Hell, so far, so good! Kevin Millar – 1B Aubrey Huff – DH Ramon Hernandez – C Uhhh…..Millar as the cleanup man?  Well, maybe Aubrey can rebound from last year and give us something similar to his 2003-2004 [...]

Can’t hit, hot wife, can’t field, injury prone, ridiculously de-flated body since the steroid scandal hit. Alright, so maybe we knew you pretty well. Regardless, Jay Gibbons, the 2nd longest tenured Oriole, was cut by the team after they learned they would have to deal with his situation now rather than later (due to MLB [...]

I always liked Larry Bigbie. Back in the Summer of 2004 when I decided to really start getting back into being an Oriole fan, Bigbie’s was one of the jerseys I contemplated purchasing. He was a young kid with a big upside, (the potential to be) an Oriole through and through, having been drafted by [...]

In his latest mock draft, Todd McShay of Scouts, Inc. says of the Ravens, “[they] are are one of the wild cards in the top 10. They will take the best available talent even if he doesn’t fit a need, and odds are none of the available players at their need positions will be worthy [...]

Alright, so it doesn’t pertain in any way to either the Ravens or the Orioles, which is what this site is “supposed” to be all about – but there is no way we can not mention that, our alma mater, the UMBC (University of Maryland – B’More County) Retrievers Men’s Basketball team won the America [...]

With 6 weeks until the 2008 NFL Draft, the speculation and mock drafts just keep coming! Here is the latest from Scouts, Inc. #8: Rashard Mendenhall, HB, Illinois Unlike the scouting reports we have put up so far, this one was compiled since last season, so it is more up to date. Strengths: Thickly and [...]

Nick Markakis had his contract renewed by the Birds the other day, after negotiations for a long-term deal apparently reached a standstill. The renewal comes with a $55,000 raise, and Nick will make $455,000 this season (it seems strange to discuss professional athletes’ salaries in the thousands, doesn’t it?). Markakis is understandably not too happy [...]

The Ravens’ made two moves this week in trying to better their salary cap situation moving forward in the off season, getting rid of veterans Mike Anderson and Mike Flynn. Anderson is a guy who many would say never really got a fair shake in Baltimore. Hell, prior to coming here, he had led the [...]

B-More’s favorite guru is making the rounds in the local media this week, fresh off a visit to Iraq, and has basically been amicable towards his former employer. Billick describes Steve Bisciotti as “a good partner,” and says that the decision to fire him was, in the owner’s eyes, “in the best interest of the [...]

According to this story at, the Ravens put the franchise tag on Terrell Suggs today. While this was expected, what may not have been expected is Sizzles’ apparent displeasure with the position he was tagged as. The Ravens slapped the franchise tag on Suggs as a linebacker, which gives him a 2008 salary of [...]