Sunday, April 19th, 2015

Billick Fired


Well, it actually happened. As unlikely as it seemed that Steve Biscotti would fire his head coach, he did just that this morning. Many fans have been clamoring for Billick’s head for weeks, months, even years, and today, December 31, 2007, they finally got their wish. While the players should shoulder just as much blame for the nightmare that was the 2007 season as Brian does, it just comes down to the simple fact that it is easier to fire 1 guy than fire 53.

At his press conference this afternoon, Biscotti was clearly upset at the way things turned out, saddened by the business decision that had to be made, that of firing one of his good friends, a man that Biscotti said he “admires.”

Here at the Nest, we’re flabbergasted, to say the least. All along the speculation in B-More has been that Billick would simply be asked to reinvent himself yet again, and the Ravens would bring in a new offensive coordinator who would call all the shots. In the end, though, Biscotti surprised us all by deciding that the Ravens needed an injection of “new blood.”

When asked if defensive coordinator Rex Ryan was atop the list of potential candidates, Ozzie Newsome was non-committal, but did say that Ryan would certainly be interviewed in the coming days.

Rex Ryan would be a great fit for the Ravens Head Coach, we think. All reports say that the players love playing for Ryan, and we know he would not meddle with the offense in the least.

However, neither the Ravens or us fans should jump to any conclusions, as the front office will have their hands full over the next several weeks sifting through some very impressive NFL resumes.

As far as talent already on the roster goes, the Ravens should be at the top of the list for any coach looking for an NFL head gig this offseason.

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