Thursday, April 2nd, 2015

The 2008 NFL Mock Drafts continue, in all their glorified speculation, and we’re here to keep you updated! We came across 2 more mock drafts posted this week, with’s Don Banks forecasting the Ravens to pick Troy CB Leodis McKelvin, while CBS Sports’ Pete Prisco has the Pats taking McKelvin at #7 and the [...]

The snake-bitted-ness extended to the defensive side of the ball in 2007.  Defensive Line The defensive line was the standout group of 2007. Perhaps the most disappointing part of their season was that neither Kelly Gregg nor Haloti Ngata, both deserving, were voted to the Pro Bowl. These two were absolute monsters inside, as good [...]

“Whatever can go wrong, will go wrong” – Murphy’s Law That about sums up everything that happened with our Ravens this year, no? After the charmed 2006 (regular) season, in which they won some games they probably shouldn’t have, 2007 proved that, at least in football, the universe does indeed work itself out. We’ll try [...]

After Jacksonville’s 31-29 Wild-Card Playoff victory over Pittsburgh, National Football League Commissioner Roger Goodell announced that the league will be investigating the officiating from the game, amidst speculation that the referees did not do enough to help the Steelers win. Some Steelers seemed upset after Saturday’s loss, and pointed to the officiating as a culprit. [...]

With the 8th pick secured, all that is left is to speculate on what the Ravens, as well as the teams above them, will do based on off-season acquisitions and losses, needs at certain positions, and performance of the prospects at their pre-NFL Draft workouts. The most recent mock draft by Scouts, Inc. (subscription req’d), [...]

Eric “I live with my parents” Bedard is now officially a Seattle Mariner, and the following 5 players are now Baltimore Orioles: Adam “Don’t call me Pac-Man” Jones – 22 year old centerfielder. Compared by some to Torii Hunter, Andruw Jones, Mike Cameron. We hope for the Hunter-Jones comparisons to be more accurate than the [...]

With all the “questionable” goings on in Raven-ville over the previous month or so, there had been much talk around B-More of Steve Bisciotti becoming a sort of Peter Angelos-in-training, what with meddling around with the team rather than letting the people he pays to run it actually do their jobs. Add this to the [...]

This was a post I wrote on my old blog last February.  I was reminded of it with all the Mitchell Report news last week, and again today with the news that Brian Roberts admitted to using steroids, and I wanted to share it with my now broader audience.  Just some food for thought.  Comments [...]

As the public release of Major League Baseball’s steroid investigation AKA “The Mitchell Report” nears, we thought we would join the party and do some speculating as to what names will be on it…. Mitchell Report names 60 MLB Employees – All in Baltimore Orioles Organization Baltimore, Md – As expected, Senator George Mitchell’s steroid [...]