Saturday, April 18th, 2015

Or just the next guy to stiff-arm the city of Baltimore (Joe Girardi, anyone?) As of about noon today, it seemed like a foregone conclusion, but as the hours crept on…and on…and on, no official word came from 1 Winning Drive. After spending about 7 hours inside “the Bellagio” in Owings Mills meeting with Ravens [...]

As of this writing, over on the Baltimore Sun’s webpage, their informal poll on who should be the next Ravens coach shows Rex Ryan at #1 with 30.6% of the votes and Bill Cowher #2 with 29.5%. ARE YOU KIDDING ME RAVENS FANS??! BILL COWHER?!?! What the hell planet are you living on where we [...]

Like we said last week….beating the Steelers is worth falling a few spots in the draft order. Since that is exactly what happened, the Ravens will pick 8th in New York City this April. Mock drafts will abound in the coming months, and we will try to look at and link a bunch of them [...]

Well, it actually happened. As unlikely as it seemed that Steve Biscotti would fire his head coach, he did just that this morning. Many fans have been clamoring for Billick’s head for weeks, months, even years, and today, December 31, 2007, they finally got their wish. While the players should shoulder just as much blame [...]

WOOO HOOOO!!!! I finally get to write about a win, how exciting! Although, of course, in typical Ravens 2007 fashion, they had to make us sweat and pull our hair out in the final minutes even after building a 27-7 lead going into the 4th quarter. Seriously…think about it. Of the Ravens 5 wins this [...]

Mercifully, the 2007 season draws to a close this week when the Ravens host the AFC North Champ Squealers in the regular season finale. All the indignities and embarrassments we Ravens fans have been forced to endure during this nine game losing streak have finally come to a head, coagulating like the pus in a [...]

With the San Francisco 49ers win over Tampa Bay last week, they notched their 5th win of the year, bumping the Ravens up to #5 on the 2008 NFL Draft Board, as it stands right now. Over at Scouts, Inc., the #5 player on the board is….. Matt Ryan QB (6′4″, 221, 4.8) BOSTON COLLEGE [...]

Once again the Ravens showed their all around ineptitude yesterday, falling without anything close to a fight to the Seattle Seahawks. Troy Smith had a decent day making his first NFL start, but when he is playing behind such a sorry excuse for an NFL offensive line as the Ravens have, it is difficult to [...]

We would say that things don’t get any easier for the Ravens this week, but it’s pretty much impossible to get any easier than it was last week, and they still managed to screw that up. This week they travel cross country again to take on the NFC West champion Seattle Seahawks. Ugh. The ‘hawks [...]

        This weekend the Ravens (and me!) travel to sunny Miami to take on the winless Miami Dolphins, in what could appropriately be named the “Toilet Bowl” of the 2007 season. These 2 teams have combined to lose their last 23 games! The 0-13 Dolphins also lost their last 3 in ’06, while the Ravens, [...]