Tuesday, April 21st, 2015

McNair to Throw Out First Pitch


Steve McNair is set to throw out the first pitch at Camden Yards tonight.  A nice gesture by the O’s.  Its 6$ student night, and apparently there are plenty of tickets left even though the Yanks are in town.  Pretty bad when we can’t even sell out a Friday night game against….them.

Caution: cheap shot ahead

No word on whether or not the O’s will have the bat boy run a curl half way to home plate for McNair to check down to.


2 Responses to “McNair to Throw Out First Pitch”
  1. Air Jordan says:

    what did i tell you about the “Air” family!!! He’s got a good chance tonight to impress the o’s! Angelos already has a contract drawn up for him, guaranteed.

  2. How bout dem O’s! Up 2-0 vs Yankees series. O’s did it with their bats and defense in their first two games against the Yankees. I know it is early, but it still feels good. Catch the O’s going for the sweep Sunday at 1:35.

    Weather today should prepare them for the trip to Seattle on Tuesday.

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