Sunday, March 29th, 2015

The Nest is going to Ocean City this weekend for the Annual Council of Baltimore Ravens Roosts Convention! Are you?? We will be at the event all weekend, wearing our B’More Birds’ Nest T-shirts and handing out stickers. If you see us, please, feel free to say hi! Even if you just want to say, [...]

The O’s were able to put an end to their 5-game skid by beating the Yankees today at the Yard, 6-1. Garrett Olson shut down New York’s bats for 7 innings, getting a bit of redemption after being roughed up at Yankee Stadium in his last outing, and the Birds’ put 5 on the board [...]

Sometimes, this site writes itself. We certainly weren’t prepared for this though… Here’s a heartwarming story. In fact, it warms the heart like a pair of fresh-out-of-the-dryer man-panties warms the loins. Apparently, tough guy Jason Giambi of the Yank-Offs has quite an interesting ritual that he uses to help himself bust out of batting slumps. [...]

This is awesome. You gotta love these guys.  Someone should tell Adam Jones that drumming actually involves hitting the skins though, not just clapping the sticks.

SWEEEEEEEEEP! Don’t gimme that “its only 2 games” bull crap, either. Did you realize that its the first time in almost 3 years that the O’s have beaten Boston twice in a row? The fact that they pulled it off in a short, two-game series so that we are able to call it a sweep [...]

I went to the O’s game today, what a great one to go to… oh yeah and I kept a game journal… 2:11 – On Pratt St. in the car, first fans I see, Red Sox fans… dag yo… I can see where this is going. 2:21 – Walking up to the beautiful Camden Yards, [...]

Those geniuses over at released their preseason power rankings this week, and the Ravens generated more disagreement than any other team. While Matt Mosely put the purple and black as high as #13 on his list, some numb nuts named Pat Yasinskis put them at #28. This disparity of 15 between high and low [...]

                                                      The “O’s” are in a bit of a free fall…. Ew is right. Guess we really did jinx them – ever since we posted the shot of the standings with the Birds at the top of the AL East, the 2008 O’s have been WHO WE THOUGHT THEY WERE!! That is, 1-7, and a team [...]

And in some added irony, notice the cameo by “Error” McNair in his “Air” McNair days…