Saturday, April 18th, 2015

B’More Birds Nest Migrates to O.C. For the Weekend!


The Nest is going to Ocean City this weekend for the Annual Council of Baltimore Ravens Roosts Convention! Are you??

We will be at the event all weekend, wearing our B’More Birds’ Nest T-shirts and handing out stickers. If you see us, please, feel free to say hi! Even if you just want to say, “hey, your site sucks!” Although, if that is the case, you’d better be prepared to defend yourself against some skinny white fury, since we’re guaranteed to have a nice case of beer muscles for at least 90% of the weekend.

Seriously, we’d love to talk some Ravens and have a beer with our readers, so don’t be shy. Get yourself a B’More Birds’ Nest sticker and, if you want, we can get you a t-shirt too.

Hope to see yous down dee oshun, hun’!


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