Sunday, March 29th, 2015

(And no, it’s not because they have a good chance of being better than the Ravens) ESPN, in a display that is sure to have me and the rest of B’More vomiting in our Labor Day weekend steamed crabs, named the Pissburgh Squealers Fans as the best in the NFL. The first problem is that [...]

The Ravens had a busy day personnel-wise.   Kyle Boller got a 2nd opinion on his shoulder injury and was informed that he may not need surgery to repair his right labrum.  Ozzie Newsome says that Kyle may be able to play this year, which would certainly be a positive for this team.  But this [...]

And the plot thickens…. With Troy Smith coming down with a nasty case of tonsillitis (to go along with his previously diagnosed condition of “Isuckatfootballitis”) and Kyle Boller feeling the effects of being body slammed in the 2nd preseason game, all of B’More got a shock when we heard that Joe Flacco would get the [...]

According to our very scientific B’More Birds’ Nest poll, the majority of you want to see Troy Smith start the season as Ravens QB. Do you still feel that way after last night’s 3-5 25 yd 1 INT scoreboard scorcher? Sure, you Smith lovers will point to his scrambles that notched a few first downs, [...]

First off, let’s update the last blog: Reed has finally gotten on the practice field with the rest of the team, albeit with a caveat: Reed has been wearing a red “no-contact” jersey, of the type usually reserved for quarterbacks. According to John Harbaugh, Reed should be ready to go by opening day, but we [...]

Just about every Ravens starter, it seems, has missed time this training camp with injuries. Trench boys Kelly Gregg and Haloti Ngata, cornerbacks Chris McAlister and Samari Rolle, receiver Mark Clayton, what seems like the entire offensive line…the list goes on…. However, the most disturbing bit of injury (non) news that has come out of [...]

Coach Harbaugh today put an end to the QB suspense – for this week, at least – naming Kyle Boller the starter for the first preseason game, Thursday in New England. Harbaugh said that the move was “more a nod to experience and seniority,” than anything Boller has shown thus far in practice, that led [...]