Saturday, April 18th, 2015

The Ravens lost a heartbreaker in Pittsburgh, coming oh-so-close to handing the Steelers their first Monday Night home loss since 1924 (or something like that).  They dominated for roughly 80% of the 4-plus quarters, leading 13-3 at halftime, and allowing something like 60 yards of offense by the Steelers for the first 38:10.  At that [...]

This week, the purple and black travel to the big ketchup bottle up in Steel town to take on the AFC North defending Champion Squealers.  For the second consecutive year, the Ravens get the “privilege” of playing this crucial division road game on the National stage of Monday Night Football.  It is certainly a chance [...]

Wasn’t the offensive line supposed to be a weak spot for this year’s Ravens? Well, after 2 games, nothing could be further from the truth. Here at the Nest, we were confident all along in the interior threesome of Marshal Yanda, Jason Brown, and Ben Grubbs. But the solid play from tackles Jared Gaither and [...]

We had posted the video of the hit here the other day, but NFL was all over that and took it off YouTube right quick. However, to see the video of the hit on the NFL’s webpage, just click the link: How to Blow Up A Soulja – By Ray Lewis

The only thing hurting more than the Cleveland Browns’ playoff chances this morning is Kellan Winslow, Jr. That “soldier” is likely suffering from some PRLD (post Ray Lewis Disorder) after being absolutely exploded early in the 3rd quarter of the Ravens convincing 28-10 victory. The Ravens again looked like a team that knows exactly what [...]

    Ravens Browns rank Per game rank Per game Offense 8 358.0 30 206.5 Passing 30 129.0 28 134.5 Rushing 1 229.0 27 72.0 Scoring 22 17.0 31 8.0 Defense 1 154.0 28 384.0 Passing 1 84.0 26 242.0 Rushing 4 70.0 24 142.0 Scoring 1 10.0 12 19.0 All right, so admittedly, that [...]

Since loyal reader “UnbiasedGuy” called out the Maryland Terps last week after their disappointing loss to Middle Tennessee State, we decided to go a bit off Ravens/O’s topics for a minute, and post a video reply. Make sure you watch through the end….hopefully not while eating.

It’s time for another edition of Lookalikes! This is going to be an All-Squealer version, because….well, because those are the stupidest looking bunch of goofs in the entire NFL. 1. You ever watch that big dummy QB of theirs play in the rain? He has to wear a big, gay, glove. We’re not sayin Ben [...]

Edit:  So this is the rant I was prepared to write regarding the Ravens-Texans game: Reliant Stadium was damaged heavily by Hurricane Ike, so the Ravens-Texans game that had been rescheduled for Monday night will not happen as planned. Surprise, surprise. Seriously, who didn’t see this coming?  A giant hurricane bearing down on the city, [...]

The NFL has just announced that the Ravens-Texans game has been moved to Monday night at 8:30, still at Reliant Stadium. Don’t know about you, but we were hoping the game would still be played on Sunday, and somewhere like Dallas or Atlanta. Not only would this negate the Texans’ home-field advantage, but it wouldn’t [...]