Wednesday, April 1st, 2015

  The Ravens find themselves faced with a critical division game this week, as they begin a tough 3-game road trip in Cleveland and  the Browns team they will find there is playing in stark contrast to the one that visited B’More in week 3.  Cleveland has won 3 of their past 4 games, with [...]

With the Ravens slated to play the Cleveland Brown Stains this Sunday (and hopefully complete the season sweep), we thought it would be a good time to trot out some Cleveland-inspired Lookalikes. First up, from reader Sprizzle, who points out that former Ravens and current Browns QB Derek Anderson has a striking resemblance to the [...]

Remember former Steelers and Ravens QB Kordell Stewart?  His nickname, “Slash,” came about because of his lack of any true position…that is, he was a QB/WR when he first joined the league.  Well, after yesterday, Joe Flacco may be more deserving of that moniker.  “Joe the Quarterback’s” stat line from Sunday: Passing: 12/24 140 yards [...]

The Ravens have a great chance to push themselves back over the .500 mark this week, as the Oakland Raiders come to B’More.  This is the 2nd of the “gift” games the Ravens get in 2008, against the other AFC teams that finished last in their divisions last year (the other was last week against [...]

Another week, another member of the Ravens sticks their foot in their mouth.  Last week, it was Head Coach John Harbaugh, who made what could be considered an innocent gaffe.  This week, T-Sizzle has been VERY busy flapping off at the mouth, and has had much more potentially damaging things to say. First off, I [...]

  What’s all this fuss over that newfangled “Wildcat” offense that the Dolphins had been running?  Somebody certainly forgot to tell the Ravens that they were supposed to be confused when Ronnie Brown was taking direct snaps and Chad Pennington was splitting out wide.  According to the South Florida Sun-Sentinel, the Fish ran the Wildcat [...]

Remember the last time the Ravens visited south Florida?  I do, since I had the privilege of watching the Ravens lose to an 0-13 team in person.  The events of that December afternoon, while seeming just depressing and enraging at the time, ended up having a pretty profound effect on the team that we are [...]

According to this story on, Troy Polamalu has been whining about all the fines that Steelers players have been getting lately due to dirty play questionable rulings.  (One of the fines in question was for a play in the Ravens-Steelers Monday night game this year, although the NFL hasn’t really said which play.  Hiney [...]

On the heels of today’s news that they had traded for Detroit wide receiver Roy Williams, the Dallas Cowboys immediately announced that they would be employing a brand new offensive system. “Roy gives us another explosive weapon on the outside to compliment Terrell Owens.  With all that ego…uh, I mean talent, we felt it was [...]

Good Lord, WTF was that? For all the good that the 2008 Ravens had shown us so far, leading us to believe that beatings like the one witnessed in Indy yesterday were the things of 2007, they showed more bad in 4 quarters yesterday than they had in the 4 games prior.  Offense?  Non-existent. Defense?  [...]