Saturday, April 18th, 2015

Lookalikes! Browns Edition


With the Ravens slated to play the Cleveland Brown Stains this Sunday (and hopefully complete the season sweep), we thought it would be a good time to trot out some Cleveland-inspired Lookalikes.

First up, from reader Sprizzle, who points out that former Ravens and current Browns QB Derek Anderson has a striking resemblance to the original white rap sensation, Vanilla Ice.

Good call, Sprizzle, and thanks for the submission!

Next, we have defensive tackle Shaun Rogers.  Rogers is playing great lately, and the Ravens O-line will need to control him to have any chance on Sunday.  But with his giant jowels and tiny cone-head, we can’t help but think of a certain childhood toy when we see him…




Unlike the Squealers, the Browns don’t have all that many totally goofy looking players on their roster.  However, lucky for us, head coach Romeo Crennel can fill a Lookalikes post all by his lonesome:


 As always, if you have any Lookalikes of your own, send them to, and we will try to feature them in a future post!


6 Responses to “Lookalikes! Browns Edition”
  1. DP says:

    As a Browns fan gearing up for Sunday, I have to admit that I love the Rogers pic! I would also submit:

  2. NestMinder says:

    Haha!Very nice, DP.

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