Wednesday, March 4th, 2015

Well, for the 2nd time this season, we get to bring you a Texans-Ravens preview.  This one will look a bit different than the last one, however.  Since the originally scheduled date of this game, the Ravens have exceeded all expectations, while the Texans have fallen short of theirs. B’More is 5-3, just 1 game [...]

Thanks to the Redskins’ epic shitting of the bed on Monday Night Football, the Ravens are not tied for first place in the AFC North today.  The team and their fan base should both be equally embarassed for their respective performances. The team for failing to put the game away early, when the Steelers were [...]

Wow, what a game in Cleveland yesterday.  From leading 10-0, to trailing 27-13, to ultimately scoring the game’s final 24 points to seal up a 37-27 victory, the Ravens yesterday looked nothing like the purple and black teams we have become accustomed to seeing lately.  Seriously…admit it.  Once the Browns scored the touchdown to go [...]