Tuesday, March 31st, 2015

SI Captures “Huge Dork” Chad Pennington at his Huge Dorkiest


“[Flacco] was certainly better than his opposite number, Chad “I’m a giant dork and point like a tool when I scramble for a 4-yard first down” Pennington.  Seriously, his goofy air-stab whenever he fell past the sticks made me lose what was a decent amount of respect I had for the guy previously.  Maybe Chad and Phil Rivers can get together and form a Dorky Douchey Hillbilly Quarterback Club.” – Me, 10/20/08

Thanks to Sports Illustrated for obtaining photographic evidence of Pennington’s patented “air stab.”[insert your stupid Ray Lewis "stab" joke here, haters]  Sunday, the Ravens will redefine the SI curse, from the “cover jinx” to the “caught looking like a moron” jinx.


4 Responses to “SI Captures “Huge Dork” Chad Pennington at his Huge Dorkiest”
  1. Steve T says:

    Pennington is so used to having his arm in a sling, it’s just stuck that way

  2. UnbiasedGuy says:

    Actually, I would make Pennington MVP. Parcells called all the right shots and Pennington did more to this team than ppl will give him credit for.

    Now, does that mean he’ll single-handedly beat the Ravens this wknd—not really.

    CHAD FOR MVP!!!!

  3. how many times can you “Comeback” in one NFL career?


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  1. [...] Kelley Washington and Demetrius Williams, two guys who will likely see plenty of the field (barring injuries) in 2009, combined for 3 catches for 42 yards.  We’ll excuse Washington for doing the Chad Pennington “air stab,” because he looked -300% as dorky doing it as Chad does. [...]

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