Tuesday, March 31st, 2015

The Ravens travel to Dallas this week, so natch (that’s what the teens Cowboys say instead of “naturally”) it’s time for some Cowboy lookalikes.  A fair warning:  they won’t be as good as last week’s, because, frankly…nobody is as stupid looking as the Steelers.  No getting around that.  Also, you won’t find any comparisons of [...]

Congratulations to Ed Reed, who has been named the Ravens recipient of the 2008 Ed Block Courage Award.  Each year, one player from each NFL team receives the award, which is named after the long time Baltimore Colts athletic trainer. According to the Ed Block Foundation Website, the award “honor(s) one player from each of [...]

Let me start by saying that, unfortunately, we can now add another item to THIS gut wrenching list. The Ravens defense again folded at the most inopportune time, and allowed the Steelers to pull another one out of their asses at M&T Bank Stadium yesterday.  I’ll give a short punch-list of points from the game, [...]

For all the things we disagreed upon during his tenure here, Mr. Billick hit the nail on the head with this one, regarding so-called Ravens “fans” selling their tickets to the game.  From his blog at WNST.net: “This year, with all that is at stake, if you find yourself setting next to a Steelers fan, [...]

The game we’ve been waiting with bated breath since Week 4 is finally upon us.  The Ravens get their chance to not only avenge their early season loss in Pittsburgh, when they stole defeat from the jaws of victory, but can also drastically alter the potential postseason fates of both teams in the process.  With [...]

Just some links to help tide you over until the Ravens stomp a mudhole in Shitsburgh on Sunday at M&T. Thanks to Nestor over at WNST for pointing us to this video.  It is from NFL.com, and is a great inside look at the Ravens-Redskins game.  Those of you who, like me, really miss “Ravens [...]

In honor of black-and-gold bashing week here in B’More, we thought it appropriate to repost our Lookalikes: Steelers Edition (with some new ones): It’s time for another edition of Lookalikes! This is going to be an All-Squealer version, because….well, because those are the stupidest looking bunch of goofs in the entire NFL. 1. You ever [...]

The Ravens finally busted out of their night game bugaboo that had plagued them since 2005, and won a prime time contest, besting the Redskins 24-10 at M&T Bank Stadium.  Terrell Suggs and Ed Reed split the “Horse Trailer” players of the game award from John Madden, and deservedly so.  It was Suggs’ pressure on [...]

  The Washington Redskins visit M&T Bank for the first time ever for a regular season game this Sunday, making them the final NFL team to visit Charm City.  The Ravens lead what little of an all-time series there is between the two teams, 2-1, but all three previous meetings were in Washington another part [...]

The next 2 weeks of Baltimore football could be 2 of the best ever, perhaps second only to the AFC Championship – Super Bowl wins in early 2001.  Why so much potential?  Well, over the next 12 days, the two teams that the majority of Ravens fans absolutely HATE the most are not only on [...]