Saturday, April 18th, 2015

Congratulations to Baltimore’s own Joe Flacco, winner of the 2008 Diet Pepsi Rookie of the Year!  How did Flacco win this award, after being completely shut out in the AP ROY voting?  Well, two reasons come to mind: Diet Pepsi is a lot more intelligent in their award process, choosing to actually wait until after [...]

The Ravens’ defense managed to stay relatively healthy in 2008, and when the next man needed to step up, there were plenty of capable bodies.  In Rex Ryan’s final year as defensive coordinator, his unit finished #2 overall in the NFL, allowing only 261.1 yards per game. Defensive Line The D-line had another very strong [...]

ESPN is reporting that the Ravens have promoted linebacker’s coach Greg Mattison to be their new defensive coordinator. This is no surprise, as the Ravens have always been an “in-house” type team for most coaching changes, especially on the defensive side. Mattison has been in coaching for 37 years, but last year was his first [...]

Who says rookies can’t win?  Rookie head coaches, rookie quarterbacks, whatever.  The ROOKIES RULE moniker could apply to the NFL in general for 2008, as the Atlanta Falcons, with Mike Smith and Matt Ryan, kept up with the Ravens every step of the way throughout the regular season.  In Baltimore though, John Harbaugh and Joe [...]

The Orioles finally stopped jerking Nick Markakis around, nickel-and-diming him over a few million dollars here and there, and locked him up to the tune of 6 years, $66 million (hey…666 – how fitting for Peter Angelos, no?) Nicky Mark was never REALLY close to leaving, not being eligible for free agency until after the [...]

Well, it didn’t take Rex Ryan long to move on from Sunday’s loss, as it sounds like the New York Jets called him and hired him as their new head coach before he could even make it back to B’More. Ryan had been with the Ravens since 1999, and has a Super Bowl ring to [...]

Damn it. Damn it. Damn. It. The Ravens’ awesome season came to an end last night in front of 60,000 towel waving idiots.  I’ve stepped back from the ledge, so to speak, but I’m still in no mood to give a full fledged recap to that abomination last night; the one that sent those shithead [...]

No sense in bringing up the stats this time around.  Everything that has happened over the last 19 weeks gets tossed out with the terrible towels garbage.  Steelers-Ravens for the right to represent the AFC in the Super Bowl.  How fitting.  Extremely unlikely just a few short months ago, but then again you could say [...]

Hines Ward Cheap Shot was given the day off from practice yesterday.  Luckily, our crack team of B’More Birds’ Nest paparazzi caught him in a few of his typical heinous acts. First, he disguised himself as Ben Roethlisberger a nerdy white guy and snuck into some sort of tea party.  While there, Shot punched an [...]

In recent Shitsburgh news, the Chief Executive of Allegheny County PA (Pittsburgh), Dan Onorato, has learned about the affiliation of Nick-A-What!? (aka Nick Onorato) with the Baltimore Ravens and B-More Birds’ Nest. An Uncanny Resemblance N-A-W, the production artist/co-creator of B-More Birds’ Nest, was discovered by Dan Onorato yesterday as Dan was preparing for the [...]