Saturday, April 18th, 2015

Diet Pepsi Rookie of the Year Trophy Gets a Unibrow


Congratulations to Baltimore’s own Joe Flacco, winner of the 2008 Diet Pepsi Rookie of the Year!  How did Flacco win this award, after being completely shut out in the AP ROY voting?  Well, two reasons come to mind:

  1. Diet Pepsi is a lot more intelligent in their award process, choosing to actually wait until after the season is over to close voting, as opposed to the AP, who rumor has it only vote based on training camp performance.
  2. The NFL fans, who voted for this award, are much more astute judges of talent than a bunch of crotchety old sports writers.

Whatever the reason, the bottom line is that Mr. Flacco finally has some much deserved hardware to put on his mantle. Although, Joe probably doesn’t even have a mantle, since he lives in a van down by the river…or something like that.  He’ll probably just haul it around in the trunk of that ’94 Ford Escort he pimps around town.

Just be sure to cover it with a blanket when you get out for a fancy lunch at Burger King, Joe.  Wouldn’t want Chris Johnson any thieves busting out your windows.


3 Responses to “Diet Pepsi Rookie of the Year Trophy Gets a Unibrow”
  1. Finally some respect for joe cool

  2. Fuck this sucks now were going to ahve to hear first to 6 from squealer fans.

  3. FootballFan says:

    Steelers picked up a 6 pack of super bowl trophies and Joe Cool picked up a 6 pack of diet pepsi, maybe he’ll be able to upgrade in the future

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