Tuesday, March 31st, 2015

Remember a few weeks back, when we told you about how those evil scrooges up in Pittsburgh hate Santa Claus?  Well, judging by the loot he left under my tree this Christmas, the jolly ol’ fat man hates those a$$holes right back.       Alright, so maybe the elf that made my hat dipped [...]

Hey, towel-wavers, don’t be mad at me.  I don’t make the news, I just report it. Fortunately for yinzers, science has proven that it only takes a meager 45 IQ points (per rag) to wave a rag around. A Steelers fan stretching his intellectual capacity to the limit And no, I didn’t doctor those at [...]

My buddy Goob, one of the many Ravens fans that made the trip, giving LP Field a proper B’More salute.  October 5 Total Yards: Ravens 285 Titans 210 Rushing Yards: Ravens 132 Titans 47 Matt Stover misses a 45-yard field goal A controversial call by the officals extends Tennessee’s game-winning drive Despite being dominated, Titans [...]

In a rematch of the 2000 AFC Divisional Playoff Game, the Ravens travel to Tennessee to take on the #1 seed Titans.  There are enough similarities, even 8 years later, to give many Ravens and Titans fans a strong case of deja vu.  Jeff Fisher is still the man in charge for the “Flaming Thumbtacks” [...]

The Ravens face the Tennessee Titans in the Divisional Round Saturday, a team that features a multi-headed rushing attack of their own to counter the Ravens’ 3-man backfield.  Let’s take a look at how the backs compare. Tennessee Chris Johnson – My Man Dewey gave Chris Johnson the nickname “Stupid Fast” back in June.  Johnson [...]

When we started this site, the scary world of blogging was just too intimidating to jump into headfirst, so I wanted to keep a bit of anonymity to my posts.  Well, with Andy Ratner’s feature on BMoreBirdsNest.com in today’s Baltimore Sun, all anonymity has been tossed to the wayside.  When Andy first approached me for [...]

To any of you who may be here for the first time (thanks to Andy Ratner’s piece on Ravens bloggers – us, mostly – in today’s Baltimore Sun), welcome! Here are some links to past articles to give you a feel for what this site is all about: Ravens 27 Dolphins 9 (The DOLPHINS DON’T [...]

  All we heard all week was how the Miami Dolphins were the stingiest team regarding not turning the ball over in the NFL.  Not just this year, but any year.  Well, Ed Reed and the Ravens defense had a little something to say about that, as the Ravens won their first playoff game since [...]

First off, I gotta say that it’s a pleasure to be putting together our first playoff preview here at the Nest, in our 2nd year of existence.  What seemed like a near impossibility at the beginning of the season has unexpectedly came to pass – the Ravens are in the post-season, and look poised to [...]