Sunday, April 19th, 2015

It’s Commercial Time!!!


This one made about as much sense as the refs not reviewing that bs fumble at the end of the game last night… however, it also made Nick-A-What?!?  Laugh so hard he cried… maybe it had something to do with the “water” he was drinking.

It’s NannerPussssss!!!


2 Responses to “It’s Commercial Time!!!”
  1. UnbiasedGuy says:

    Wow, your city must be P.O.ed that not only did Pitt win its 6th SB title but Baltimore’s very own Michael Phelps got caught smoking some Mary Jane. haha

  2. FootballFan says:

    not to mention Ray Lewis dancing (in white tights) like a ballerina…he is quite graceful!

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