Tuesday, March 31st, 2015

Time to head ‘downy o’shun’ for the annual Ravens Roost Convention! If you’re a Ravens fan and you’ve never been to one of these, I have to tell you, you are missing the F out.  If you’ll be there too, keep an eye out for D.Baby and/or Nick-a-What?! and come have a beer with us [...]

That’s right, it’s been 15 years since the O’s last swept the Blue Jays. And man, was it a sweep.  If you missed yesterday’s series finale, you missed one of the most exciting games in recent O’s memory. Facing arguably the best pitcher in the Majors, Roy Halladay, players and fans alike would have probably [...]

I was just watching the MASN broadcast of O’s-Jays, and Andy MacPhail was in the booth with Buck Martinez and Gary Thorne in the bottom of the 2nd inning.  As Nolan Reimold grounded into a fielder’s choice, MacPhail made the announcement that O’s fans have been waiting for all Spring. This friday, at OPACY, against [...]

Thanks to a weekend series against the dreadful Nats (just their 2nd series win in the last month), the O’s finally moved ahead of another actual major league baseball team in terms of runs allowed and run differential.  The team they are now statistically less inept than? The Nats, natch.     Thankfully, the O’s [...]

It’s been a minute since I posted, and for that I apologize.  I promise to get back to it though, starting right now.  I’m going to cheat a bit to start off though, and recycle a post that I wrote for Bleacher Report a few weeks back.  See, BR is having a competition in which [...]

The Ravens bolstered their WR corps this week, signing former Cincinnati Bengal Kelley Washington, and showing by doing so that maybe, just mayyyyyyyybe, Ozzie & Co. don’t have quite as much faith in Demetrius Williams and Marcus Smith as they’d have us believe. Washington, 29, spent the last 2 seasons in New England, after spending [...]

Well, is it 2010 yet? Since, by the Orioles’ own admission, that’s the next time they have any plans to even try to be competitive, we might as well start the countdown now. Especially since they are now, in early May, showing the kind of gusto that they usually reserve until late August or September, [...]