Saturday, April 18th, 2015

The “most important” of the fake football games is upon us, as the Ravens travel to Charlotte to take on the Panthers in preseason week 3.  Week 3 of preseason is traditionally the game in which the starters play the most out of any of the four exhibitions.  As such, we want to see our [...]

Listening to Ravens fans whine on the airwaves lately about the team’s wide receiver situation has been particularly irksome.  Never is it worse, though, than when a caller (usually led by a particular noodle-haired sports talk show host in town) practically begs Ozzie Newsome & Co. to sell the farm and go get Denver Broncos [...]

7:06 – The entire opening segment was about the Jets and Mark Sanchez.  Ravens mentioned only in passing.  Shock. 7:08 – Someone needs to tell the fine folks at Wrangler that, not only does Mr. Favre not play for the Packers any more (oh, you haven’t heard?) – his shirt is yellow with a green [...]

Scouts, Inc. has released their player rankings for pretty much every player in the NFL.  I thought I would take a closer look at their ratings, and also give those of you who don’t subscribe to ESPN’s insider a chance to view them. The highest ranking any player received was a 94 (out of a [...]

Whether starters or backups, veterans or rookies, none of the Ravens had much problem disposing of the Washington Redskins last night in the first preseason action of 2009.  There was plenty of good that comes from a double-digit shutout win, of course, but there was also some bad sprinkled in.  Here’s what I noticed: Michael [...]

Football season is back!  Finally, after seven months of the bad taste in our mouths that came with the AFC Championship game loss in Pittsburgh, we get to see our Ravens take the field once again. Seeing those ugly burgundy and….yellow(?) uniforms lining up at M&T Bank Stadium will bring back fond memories of last [...]

During an off day, we figured it’d be fun to let you have a peek into the sporting lives of your favorite bloggers. Here’s the team photo after our last game.  The end of a championship season that wound up with a 17-3 record.  Of course there is some photoshopping there,  but not everyone could [...]

Goob and I made it out to training camp yesterday.  For me, it was the first time since 2005.  Aside from the annoyance of the Ravens holding the majority of the practice on the far field, as opposed to the one right in front of all the nice tents they have set up (seriously, wtf?), [...]

Last night, Nick-A-What?!, myself, and our lovely assistant convened at Ruby Tuesday to hold the raffle for the Ravens vs. Redskins preseason game, to be played this Thursday at M&T Bank Stadium. And now, without further adieu, the results (cue drumroll): A Big Thank You goes out to all of those who contributed to the [...]

In case you hadn’t heard (not likely), Snoop Dogg paid a surprise visit to Ravens training camp today, as a guest of his “good friend” Ray Lewis. Everybody has been ooo-ing and ahh-ing the appearance of Mr. Doggy Dogg in Westminster.  He even basically had his own press conference, which Jamison Hensley transcribed here. Snoop [...]