Friday, March 27th, 2015

Vote for the Nest in the Sun’s Mobbie Awards!



B’More Birds” Nest has been nominated as one of the top blogs in Maryland! The Baltimore Sun’s Most Outstanding Blogs (or “Mobbies”) contest began today. You can vote once per day.

The Nest is up for a Mobbie in 3 categories (the maximum allowed in the contest): Sports, Ravens, and Orioles.

So, head on over to the Mobbie Page and vote early and often for us!

Vote in Sports, and vote in Ravens, at least. I’m not gonna lie and say I think we should get the award for Best Orioles Blog…unless you want to give it to us as a way of thanking us for not bothering you with posts about how awful they are all summer!

While you’re there, take time to check out some of the other awesome blogs that your fellow Marylanders have put together in categories such as humor, food, politics, and entertainment.

Now please, Go VOTE!

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