Tuesday, April 21st, 2015

Ravens on 10-0*, 14-1* Runs


I don’t mean to alarm you…but this is something I haven’t heard anybody mention. By virtue of their 3-0 start to the 2009 season, your Baltimore Ravens are now on runs of 10-0, and 14-1…against teams not from the city of Pittsburgh.


While it’s a bit of a double-edged sword of a stat, considering it basically means the Ravens beat the crap out of everyone except those whom we most hate, I think it’s still pretty noteworthy.

10-0 and 14-1 against the Notsteelers is pretty damn impressive, albeit probably not as satisfying as say, being on a 10-0 run against ONLY the Steelers…for us fans, anyway.


One Response to “Ravens on 10-0*, 14-1* Runs”
  1. Goob says:

    Nice Point… I hate the city of Shitsburg

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