Sunday, April 19th, 2015

It wasn’t hard to predict that the Ravens would cover the 13 point spread against Kansas City on Sunday, but you would have been hard pressed to find anybody predicting the fashion in which they would accomplish it; that is, by putting up 38 points, allowing another 24, and setting a team record for total [...]

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, finally. We survived another offseason, and we finally get the chance to spit out that nasty aftertaste that has lingered in our collective mouths since that fateful night in Pittsburgh last January (damn you, Daren Stone!) A new season is upon us, one that sees our expectations for our team astronomically higher than they [...]

Well, thanks to the Tennessee Titans uncanny ability to completely dominate a game, but still not score any points and lose it, the Ravens don’t find themselves in first place this morning. Whatever. The preview train rolls on. For the final four weeks of the season, when we all hope the Ravens are fighting for [...]

Today is the day. The official start of the 2009 NFL season. Hopefully by tomorrow, when we preview the final 4 weeks of the Ravens’ season, they will already hold a 0.5 game lead over that team with the pee-and-poop uniforms, thanks to the Tennessee Titans getting all stompy on them again tonight. Not to [...]

Today is Wednesday, which means we are now down to three work days remaining until we get to watch our purple and black take the field for a meaningful football game for the first time since that awful day in Pittsburgh. Day 2 of our quick Ravens season preview sees the Ravens take on the [...]

We have four miserable work days to fill until the Ravens’ 2009 season opener this Sunday at M&T Bank Stadium against the Kansas City Chiefs.  So I figured, in order to help pass the time, I would do a quick semi-preview (quasi-Lebronish?) of the purple and black’s schedule for the coming months, breaking it up [...]

Via the delightful People of Wal-Mart: Looks about right to me.  As of last February, he (she?) can now count all the way to 6!

The Ravens enter their final warm-up for “real” football tonight, taking on the Atlanta Falcons down at the Georgia Dome.  We should all remember the last time the Ravens played a preseason game there, when Adalius Thomas snapped Mike Vick’s ankle long before anybody knew he was a dogfighting King Pin.  That injury pretty much [...]

I had hoped that after Joe Flacco’s 23/28 247 yard performance in just over two quarters on Saturday night, the jibber jabber on Baltimore’s airwaves about the Ravens “needing” a dynamic wide receiver would quiet down at least a bit.  Well, we’re now in just the second day of sports talk radio since the game, [...]