Saturday, April 18th, 2015

Answer: This. Splat goes the Hiney. Stick to the cheap shots, Cheap Shot.

Well, it certainly wasn’t the blowout that we were expecting and hoping for when we heard early Saturday morning that Ben Roethisberger wouldn’t be gracing the field with his big dumb concussed self, but we’ll take a win any way we can get it over Pittsburgh. If “any way we can get it” includes prime [...]

Thanks to Thanksgiving-related computerlessness, this preview got pushed back a day from it’s normal posting time. As a result, it will have a markedly different tone had it been put together on Friday, due to breaking news first reported by FOX’s Jay Glazer this morning that Baby Ben Roethlisberger will NOT play on Sunday night. [...]

#10. Ketchup-Mush Field Heinz Field is the biggest piece of Crap football playing surface left in the NFL. Maybe instead of producing all of those damn Terrible Towels they could spend some money on putting together a field that’s just slightly better than the pile of dirt I played in growing up.  Or at least [...]

Those dastardly clowns in black and gold march into town this week for a prime-time showdown on Sunday night. For the most part, the Steelers players are actually LESS stupid looking than their fans. There are plenty of ugly mofos on the roster though, as we have detailed in the past. Fortunately, their play as [...]

Played Like a Raven – Michael Oher and Jared Gaither Remember the Sunday Night game in Week 10, when Cris Collinsworth and Al Michaels would NOT SHUT UP about Colts’ defensive ends Dwight Freeney and Robert Mathis? It was like they had “Favre-cams” on those two, showing us all the ways that they were wreaking [...]

The Ravens added yet another to the 2009 list of crushing last-minute defeats yesterday, as they fell to Indianapolis by two points despite being in field goal range with under three minutes to play. Joe Flacco’s ill-advised toss right into the palms of Gary Brackett on what turned out to be the team’s final offensive [...]

What is it with the evil teams always coming to B’More in twos? Last season, it was the Washington Redskins and Pittsburgh Steelers in back-to-back weeks for what could have been a glorious span for Ravens fans. This year, it is instead the Colts and Steelers, #1(a) and (b) in the “Hate Book” of many [...]

The Indianapolis Irsays make their way to town this week, going for their seventh straight win over Baltimore’s new team. The Colts “look” pretty unstoppable this season, owners of a 9-0 record and fresh off one of the most exciting victories in recent memory. Things “look” pretty bleak for our Ravens this week, but fortunately, [...]

Played Like a Raven – Dawan Landry The fourth year safety has been having a very lackluster year, and has very obviously not been the player that he was prior to sustaining a spinal cord concussion last season. However, on Monday night, Dawan Landry showed glimpses that just maybe he is returning, slowly but surely, [...]