Sunday, April 19th, 2015

Five Ravens were named to the AFC Pro Bowl roster last night. Some of them highly deserved it, others might have gotten in more on reputation than anything else. While I don’t think any of them clearly DID NOT deserve to be honored, I’ll go ahead and give you the list, ranked by decreasing order [...]

The Weekly Honor’s namesake again lived up to his billing, gashing the Steelers’ (then) #1 rush defense for 141 yards on 30 carries. He had only 1 catch for 14 yards though, and his fumble on the play after fellow 2008 second-round draft pick Rashard Mendenhall had done the same really hurt the Ravens. Still, [...]

Available: One disgruntled former Heisman Trophy Winner, 5th round draft pick, with a career passer rating of 79.7. Also known to break into stupid dances during blowout wins. Seeking in return: WR, CB, KR/PR, LB, or DE According to a tweet from his agent , Troy Smith wants out of B’More. “Ravens QB Troy Smith, [...]

I honestly can’t remember a game that included such ridiculous stomach-churning, caused by great highs followed immediately by crushing lows. With the Ravens having just cut Pittsburgh’s lead to 20-17 in the third quarter, on the first play after the kickoff, Dominique Foxworth intercepted Baby Ben and returned in 46 yards for a touchdown. Suddenly, [...]

The Ravens once again clash heads with the Pittsburgh Steelers this week. For the fifth consecutive meeting between these two teams, 1 game or less separates them in the standings. Fortunately, though, the Ravens have a slightly higher margin for error right now than Pittsburgh does. A Ravens loss would not preclude them from backing [...]

The last time the Ravens and Steelers met, it was Thanksgiving-time. The purple feasted on the Steelers’ backups, and, in true Thanksgiving fashion, forced them off the land of B’More and relegated them to the reservation of western Pennsyltucky. The Nest, in the spirit of the season, gave thanks for all the reasons we’re glad [...]

Natty Joe is up for the FedEx Air player of the week. His competition is fetus-head Manning and Baby Ben, so be sure to go VOTE FOR JOE!

Played Like a Raven – Dominique Foxworth Sure, Natty Joe was the easy choice. In setting career highs for QB rating and touchdown passes, he played like a Raven on Sunday, no doubt. However, I thought I’d go ahead and recognize Dom Fox here, considering how often this space has been used to skewer the [...]

Wow, is Jay Cutler bad. This morning, I had this exchange with a friend regarding da Bears’ QB: Me: sulksulksulksulk Friend: that guy is a one trick pony me: sulking? Friend: interceptions hey.. i’m known for my interceptions here’s why Me: haha everything you’ve heard about me is true Friend: maybe he has another undiagnosed [...]

The Ravens have a chance to end their season series against the NFC North at .500 by beating the Chicago Bears this week at M&T Bank Stadium. More importantly, they will hold onto their tenuous as-of-this-writing hold on the final wild card spot in the AFC (by virtue of Jacksonville’s loss to Indy last night). [...]