Thursday, April 2nd, 2015

Late/abbreviated edition of Lookalikes! this week gang. I apologize. The man be keepin’ me down. Lions down, Tigers (Bengals) down,…next up, Bears! Chicago tight end Greg Olsen and actor Steve Zahn: Bears linebacker Lance Briggs and actor Mike Epps: Wide receiver Earl Bennett and NBA player Greg “80 year old man” Oden: And the best, [...]

Was there any doubt that we would go back to “Play Like a Ray Rice” this week? Mighty Mouse could have been in Jamal Lewis/Adrian Peterson territory, had he played the entire game. Twenty-seven racked up 219 yards on 17 touches, a ridiculous 12.9 yards per. He unfortunately fumbled in the red zone for the [...]

The Ravens proved yesterday that, despite the issues that have plagued them throughout this up-and-down 2009 campaign, they can still beat the tar out of terrible football teams while hardly breaking a sweat. The Detroit Lions had zero fight in them at M&T Bank Stadium, and Head Coach Jim Schwartz was forced to answer questions [...]

After another dismal Monday Night performance by the Ravens, hopefully the woeful Detroit Lions will prove to be just what the Doctor ordered to get them back on track. The last time the Lions won a road game was October 28, 2007. Three players that aren’t even on the team any more, Jon Kitna, Kevin [...]

We kick off the middle leg of our three-week NFC North Lookalike-fest with Detroit Lions punter Nick Harris, who looks a good bit like Andre from the great new FX show “The League.” Andre, who drafted Plaxico Burress this season, is apparently gettin’ freaky with “Shiva,” the namesake of the Fantasy Football League Trophy. I’m [...]

Any of you who, like me, have as your homepage, woke up to the image of Kyle “Ray Liotta” Boller’s smiling face this morning. Kyle, who has dated such stars as Tara Reid (barf) in the past, and is now reportedly with Miss USA 2009 runner-up Carrie Prejean, shared some tips with Cosmopolitan Magazine [...]

Well, it appears as if, by renaming this feature, “Play Like Ray Rice,” we served to Jinx Mighty Mouse, as he failed to break the 100-yards from scrimmage mark for the first time since Week 3. Rice managed just 54 yards rushing and 17 receiving. As such, consider this the “further notice” that was promised [...]

The Ravens and Steelers are both headline-worthy this week, but not for nearly the same reason that they were last January. As much as we hate the Steelers around these parts, football sure seems like a lot more fun when both B’More and Pitt are at the top of their respective games, instead of embarrassing [...]

Holy crap. Ho. Lee. Crap. No recap of last night’s game would be complete without mentioning the officiating, so let’s just get that out of the way first. As Ravens fans, we of course have the reputation of blaming the refs every time we lose. I’m not blaming them in any way for last night’s [...]

The Ravens roll into the frozen tundra of Lambeau Field for a Monday Night contest against the Packers here in Week 13. Sunday’s NFL action was good news-bad news as far as the Ravens’ playoff hopes are concerned. Losing were the Pittsburgh Steelers, Houston Texans, and Tennessee Titans, all of whom are nipping at the [...]