Sunday, April 19th, 2015

It’s officially Draft Season here at the Nest! Fortunately, we’ve had the pleasure around here of not having to start thinking about the next year’s draft until late January the past two seasons (unlike dismal 2007, where we started thinking draft around November-ish). Admittedly, we take a very unscientific approach to our mock drafts. I’m [...]

You all know B’More Birds’ Nest commenter “Goob.” Last season, as you can see, Goob went to Nashville to watch the Ravens beat the AFC #1 seed Tennessee Titans in the Divisional round of the playoffs. He had BEGGED me to go. Because I was poor, and because I didn’t think the Ravens had much [...]

Something tells me that Nick al-Markakis may have some trouble getting to road games this season.

First off, credit where it is due: Thanks to B’More Birds’ Nest Heel Christmas Ape for the following video. Make sure your sound is on: Some good footage there of one of the, oh, three or so plays the Ravens actually made last Saturday. Knowing that they frustrated ol’ Pey-Pey at least once is something, [...]

It’s a Nick-A-What?! & NestMinder Special! With the Ravens season officially over, Nestminder and I have decided to pick up where we left off 2 years ago. Predicting playoff games! The last time we did this in 2007-2008, the Ravens missed the playoffs so it made it a little extra exciting to watch. As you [...]

We’re all very familiar by now with the “it’s not a low blow, just a fact,” catch phrase of WNST’s Drew Forrester. Drew borrowed it from Ian Eagle (I believe?) of CBS, who, while covering a Ravens game a few seasons back, made a pointed remark when the cameras were showing an overhead shot of [...]

What is it about the Ravens that seems to bring out the best in the Colts’ defense time and time again? Year after year, Indy has a dog-crap defense, and year after year, that dog-crap defense looks like a mighty combination of the 1985 Bears and 2000 Ravens when the boys from B’More line up [...]

For now…

Another season, another trip to face the AFC South winners, holders of the #1 overall seed in the AFC. Can the Ravens repeat the huge upset they pulled last year in Nashville against the Titans? Methinks yes. Let’s look at the reasons why… 1. The Colts’ regular season dominance will again hurt them in the [...]

I’m an unabashed animal lover – always have been. And so I really enjoyed, this video, from the good people at the Maryland Zoo in Baltimore. If I had one critique of the montage – using the tortoise for Ray Lewis is probably just asking for some stupid jokes about him being old and slow. [...]