Tuesday, March 31st, 2015

I bring you joy Orioles fans here at BMoreBirdsNest! Not only have the Orioles DOUBLED their win total to a whopping four (4) games since my last post…but someone pitched a no hitter tonight… and it actually wasn’t against the Orioles! (Technically it wasn’t someone on the Orioles either) Triple-A prospect, Chris Tillman put some [...]

Meet Maurkice Pouncey the 18th overall pick of the NFL Draft and he’s on his way to Pittsburgh. I’m glad this guy wasted no time making an ass of himself  even before he put on that horrible black and gold. During a time when these future millionares dress up in very nice suits and ridiculous [...]

We’ve been beaten over the head for the last several years with Andy MacPhail’s plan of “grow the arms, buy the bats,” regarding his approach to free agency and minor league system-building. We all thought that was supposed to mean “sign power hitters in free agency,” but perhaps the genius of MacPhail had other plans [...]

9/13 @ New York Jets (Monday Night Football) 9/19 @ Cincinnati 9/26 CLEVELAND 10/3 @ Pittsburgh 10/10 DENVER 10/17 @ New England 10/24 BUFFALO 10/31 BYE 11/7 MIAMI 11/11 @ Atlanta (Thursday Night Football) 11/21 @ Carolina 11/28 TAMPA BAY 12/5 PITTSBURGH (Sunday Night Football) 12/13 @ Houston (Monday Night Football) 12/19 NEW ORLEANS 12/26 [...]

Peter Angelos (noun). [pee-ter ~ ann-gel-ose] Origin: Greek: 1. to ruin baseball; make it uninteresting: Bud Selig told me that he hopes when another expansion MLB franchise is granted, he doesn’t want the owner to go all Peter Angelos and have everyone hate him. 2. a laywer who should be sued for false advertising: I [...]

I think we’ve all had just about as much of the bad news from “Birdland” (more like Turdland, amright?) as we can stand for the moment, so we turn our attention now to “Ravenstown” instead. You know, that other team in B’More that actually tries (and succeeds) to win every now and again. There is [...]

Orioles closer Mike Gonzalez made his most significant contribution to the Orioles last night. As manager, Dave Trembley called to the bullpen to bring Gonzalez into the game, but Gonzo called back and notified Trembley that he would be unavailable to pitch in the game. Gonzalez left many of his teammates wondering why he would [...]

Nick-a-What?! and I were in attendance at the Beer, Bourbon, and Barbecue Festival last Saturday (I was the non-sober one) at Timonium Fairgrounds. The fine people that produce all that lovely “Mr. Boh” gear were also there, with a sweet booth full of Natty Boh-inspired merchandise. This was one of the shirts they had available: [...]

It took the Orioles all of one week’s worth of “real” games to pretty much squash that whole “hope springs eternal” feeling of Spring Training baseball. The fact that last night’s paid attendance of 9,129 was the lowest in the history of Camden Yards just underscores the point that the O’s are walking a very [...]

(Sorry if you read the premature very rough draft of the post with the same title- we had a technical glitch) Well he did it again… Mike Gonzalez blew another save. Fans around the Yard used had the taste of Natty Boh and Esskay hot dogs in their mouth, but once Gonzalez was brought into the [...]