Sunday, March 29th, 2015

Good lord, man. Did someone find Sir Sidney’s old diet plan in the clubhouse? (Yes, that wouldn’t make sense, the O’s were in Ft. Lauderdale, not Sarasota, when Sidney was with the team, I know…still) On the bright side, at least he finally got a hit last night, and had the game been at the [...]

The Baltimore Orioles opened up 2010 by snatching defeat from the jaws of victory, as has pretty much been their staple over the past decade-plus. The O’s had plenty of chances to seal this game before Mike Gonzalez ever even took off his jacket in the bullpen. They were an abysmal 1-for-12 with runners in [...]

AAAAHHHH DAMMIT!!! HERE WE GO AGAIN! The Orioles started off their 2010 campaign at Tropicana Field (The Worst Stadium in Baseball) with the debut of several new faces on the diamond such as Garrett Atkins, Miguel Tejada (again) and starting pitcher, Kevin Millwood. The Orioles never trailed until the final run crossed the plate in [...]


Even though it would be pretty awesome (as long as the team stayed in Baltimore), it’s just a lame attempt at an April Fools joke. Being in the April Fools holiday spirit (and an April Fool myself – DOB 4/23), I figured it would be great to open the forum up to readers of the [...]

Earlier today, the St. Louis Cardinals traded veteran infielder Julio Lugo to the Baltimore Orioles, in return for the infamous “player to be named later” and cash. Cardinals Manager and Drunk Driver Tony LaRussa confirmed the deal. Lugo is no stranger to Birdland, having spent a good amount of his career in the AL-East (a-la [...]

With less than one week remaining on the calendar before opening day 2010, the Orioles’ pitching staff appears to be trying to squeeze out every last drop of the six-week long “working out the kinks” process in Sarasota. Over the last three days, the motto of “better now than later” has been ringing extremely loud [...]