Sunday, March 29th, 2015

Last night Orioles Gold Glove outfielder, Adam Jones reported via Twitter, that he had been detained in Canada.  In the tweet Adam wrote: By the looks of this message, Adam seems pissed! It looks that as if Adam and someone else had not been traveling with the team on their trip to play the Toronto [...]

Let me start with this disclaimer: Underrated/Overrated lists are, themselves, pretty stupid and ENTIRELY overrated. But just for fun… In an article yesterday on CBS, Pete Prisco opined on the most overrated and underrated players on every NFL team. For the Ravens, he had this to say: Overrated: WR Anquan Boldin. He’s a good player, [...]

Le’Ron “Pain Train” McClain has been openly campaigning on his Twitter account recently. No, it has nothing to do with the upcoming mid-term elections, but rather with where exactly he will be lining up in the Ravens’ backfield as the “real” election races start to heat up this fall. McClain has expressed some frustration that [...]

Felix Pie was nowhere to be found Two pie faced men saved the day for the Orioles yesterday in the series finale against the Mariners. For the second time this season, the Orioles actually won a series. In perhaps the most interesting half hour of baseball played in Baltimore this season, the Orioles stormed back [...]

Sayonara single digits… the Orioles have finally reached the double digit win plateau! The Orioles have now taken 34 games to equal the win total of the Ravens from last year (including playoffs). Now that our team has a laughable credible win total, here is a guide on how to say the number “10″ in [...]

The City of Baltimore honored one of the most recognizable faces in the city today. A part of North Avenue and Broadway was named “Ray Lewis Way #52″ to honor one of the most feared linebackers in the history of the football. Most Thanksgivings, the community and the needy can find Ray Lewis handing out [...]

Many of you would already agree the Orioles have a soccer mentality… at least offensively. It seems like all season this team has operated as if scoring two (goals, points, runs etc.) would be enough to win a game. Soccer to people in the United States is much like winning is to the Orioles organization [...]

Thanks to, for making an already beautiful Friday that much better. Of course, the two Super Bowl rings that rapey guy on the left has aren’t all that pathetic. And the Pirates, for whom rebuilding “isn’t working,” are 5.5 games better than the Orioles so far this season. But who am I to argue [...]

Are you kidding me? Just as things semi-started to look good, the Orioles traded the role of “sweepers” to “sweep-ee’s” against the Yankees. What a better way to follow up three straight wins against a hated divisional foe than to lose the next three games against an even more hated divisional foe? Now that’s the [...]

Nasty Nestor from WNST announced this morning the date of “Free the Birds” 2010. May 17, vs. Kansas City, 7:05 start This is the third Free the Birds event, and I attended each of the first two. The first, on September 21, 2006, was a resounding success, was mentioned by many media outlets across the [...]