Tuesday, March 31st, 2015

Which one is Luke Scott and which one is Luke Scott’s trade value after a back-to-back home run? Only the Orioles can turn back-to-back home runs into a bad thing. After Ty “I’m Trade Bait” Wiggington tied the game against the Oakland A’s in the bottom of the 7th, Luke “I don’t want to leave [...]

We’ll apparently there is some talent in the minor leagues for the Orioles. If former NFL coach was available for comment, I’m sure he’d be saying the same thing he did after his Cardinals lost to the Chicago Bears on Monday Night Football, “THEY ARE WHO WE THOUGHT THEY WERE!” A minor victory for the [...]

Today, Andy McPhail did his best Donald Trump impression and told Garrett Atkins, “You’re Fired!” Designating Atkins for assignment now allows the Orioles to reactivate RHP Koji Uehara and his horrific sideburns. Atkins, his squinty eyes and horrible diet is now unemployed but doing far better than everyone reading this website without  a job. He [...]

WOW.. you can tell everyone in Baltimore is ready for football season, even our other major professional team in Charm City. The Orioles have now celebrated their Ed Reed anniversary in wins (20)! To be fair… they’re also currently celebrating their Ray Lewis anniversary of losses (52) At the pace they are going this year, [...]

In response to Nestminder’s recent post about the World Cup, I figured to post something really quick about what peoples’ finest memories of the world cup will be. NO…I’m not talking about Landon Donovan’s miracle goal in the first minute of stoppage time to propel the US into the next round… I’m talking about Vuvuzela! [...]

The United States Men’s National Soccer Team had one of the most exciting finishes you’ll ever see in sport yesterday, scoring in stoppage time to win 1-0 and gain themselves a berth in the knockout stages of the 2010 World Cup. Many, many Americans are, like me, absolutely ecstatic about the result, and are eager [...]

Ok, now this is just bizarre. It is now being reported that Rick Dempsey is scheduled to interview for the Orioles’ open managerial position. Bobby Valentine has already pulled a “Joe Girardi” and told the team “thanks, but no thanks” (though they hadn’t yet offered him the job), and former Indians’ skipper Eric Wedge is [...]

In a move that no Ravens fan or blogger that I know saw coming, the team today signed veteran quarterback Marc Bulger. Bulger, 33, has spent the entirety of his nine-year NFL career with the St. Louis Rams. His best seasons were 2004-2006, when he threw 59 touchdowns to just 31 interceptions, and had quarterback [...]

This weekend the Orioles suffered their 50th loss of the year at the hands of the San Diego Padres. The Padres (Spanish for “Father”) are  just one of any other 29 teams in MLB who can make the O’s call them daddy. Bottom line is this team sucks, they aren’t worth writing a serious post [...]

In case watching Orioles baseball has made you feel like the team has already mailed it in, what with their apathetic attitudes and lackadaisical efforts, know that at least one Oriole has had just about enough of this crap, like us. Nicky Mark sounded off to the Baltimore Sun’s Jeff Zrebiec earlier this week, and [...]