Sunday, April 19th, 2015

Look-a-likes: Luke Scott Edition


Picture3-1-1.png picture by nestminder

Which one is Luke Scott and which one is Luke Scott’s trade value after a back-to-back home run?

Only the Orioles can turn back-to-back home runs into a bad thing. After Ty “I’m Trade Bait” Wiggington tied the game against the Oakland A’s in the bottom of the 7th, Luke “I don’t want to leave Baltimore” Scott followed with a home run of his own.

After breaking the 6-6 tie, Scott rounded first base at his usual rate of speed (regardless if the ball is in play or  not), and came up limping while grabbing his left leg on occasion. Once scoring his third run of the night, Scott limped down into the club house.

This is just purely unbelievable! Scott, who is one of only few players on this team with any trade value just completely dropped the amount of compensation it will take to get him off our Old Bay covered hands.

It remains to be seen what the extent of Luke’s injury is; some people on Twitter don’t believe it is too serious.

Take this great post from Eutawhooligans for example:


2 Responses to “Look-a-likes: Luke Scott Edition”
  1. NestMinder says:

    Shouldn’t it be “Luke-a-likes?”


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