Thursday, March 26th, 2015

O’s Hire Showalter as Manager


It’s official, mere days after BMoreBirdsNest posted about Andy McSnailPhail taking forever to name a new manager for the Orioles, the team has finally come to an agreement with the very recognizable Buck Showalter.

Showalter, who quit his job at ESPN for the Orioles gig, now joins his 4th franchise as a manager. Buck managed the Yankees (1992-1995) Diamondbacks (1998-2000) and the Rangers (2003-2006). The contract signed today will keep Buck as the manager (or at least on the Orioles payroll) thru the 2013 season.

Buck will make his O’s managerial debut on August 3rd against the Angels, at that time Juan Samuel will return as 3rd base coach and current 3rd base coach Gary Allenson will return to AAA Norfolk to and resume his managing duties.

On another note..somewhere Rick Dempsey is pissed

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