Thursday, April 2nd, 2015

The Ravens made a move this evening, getting the secondary depth they have been seeking by trading with the Seattle Seahawks for cornerback Josh Wilson. Wilson, 25, is in his fourth season out of the University of Maryland. His hometown is listed as Upper Marlboro, so there is a decent chance he was a Redskins [...]

We learned today that Terrence “Cheeseburger” Cody has had surgery on his swollen knee, and is expected to miss two weeks. From the Baltimore Sun: Rookie nose tackle Terrence Cody had surgery to repair the meniscus in his knee last week and will be out for two weeks, coach John Harbaugh said. The second-round pick [...]

One of the main reasons blogs irritate the old-guard type sportswriters in this country is because they provide a platform in which anybody with an internet connection can tear down the work of these “journalists,” sometimes exposing them for the ridiculous hacks that they are. When a sportswriter publishes a piece nowadays, their words are [...]

Someone tweeted last night something along the lines of “if this is the New York Giants’ dress rehearsal, they had better hope for a whole new wardrobe come Week 1.” Well, if that was the case for Tom Coughlin’s team, then the exact opposite rings true for John Harbaugh’s squad. The Ravens came out firing [...]

ESPN’s Scouts, Inc. has released their annual player rankings (subscription required) for the 2010 NFL season, and this year the Baltimore Ravens boast 11 players in the Top 200.  Not bad considering that, statistically, each team could expect about 6 players on the list, all things equal.  Of course, we know that all things (ahem, [...]

“If you don’t expect too much from me, you might not be let down” One simple lyric from a nearly 20-year old rock song can sum up the way many Ravens fans are feeling these days. We Baltimoreans relish the role of the underdog, and we feel most comfortable when our teams do the same. [...]

As the Baltimore Ravens continue their ongoing quest to replace the legendary-around-these-parts Matt Stover at placekicker, an interesting dynamic has evolved in this year’s fight for the position. Eleventh-year veteran Shayne Graham was signed this spring, and was expected to win the position from seventh-year player Billy Cundiff, who kicked for the Ravens for the [...]

Like many people chomping at the bit for some football that actually counts, I turned on the first MNF game of the year to check out the new Meadowlands Stadium.  The ESPN broadcast could have been aired on HGTV because all anyone wanted to see was the new home for the Jets and the Giants. [...]

Now 8-1 under Buck Showalter. Just won their third consecutive series, for the first time since ???? I’m gonna guess 2005, but I’ll let someone else look it up. Update: From Roch: With a win tonight, the Orioles would complete their first three-game sweep in Cleveland since April 10-12, 1987. It also would mark their [...]

For the second consecutive year, we Ravens fans enter the preseason eager to wipe the bitter taste of a postseason loss to a hated rival out of our mouths. Last year, it was the 2008 AFC Championship game in Pittsburgh we were looking to push out of our memories. This year, the 2009 AFC Divisional [...]