Sunday, April 19th, 2015

You may have heard that the NFL in 2010 is a “quarterback’s league,” due to all the marquee teams having great signal callers. Last year’s Super Bowl featured two of the NFL’s absolute best, Drew Brees of the Saints and Peyton Manning of the Colts. Well, here in 2010, the Pittsburgh Steelers have managed to [...]

Ohhhhh, Troy is such a TACKLING MACHINE!!! Watch him destroy Tony Gonzalez here in Week 1 of this season: If you look closely enough, you can see his hair go flying in the “whifffff” as Gonzalez goes by.

Everyone knows that Pittsburgh Steelers’ defensive coordinator Dick Lebeau loves to blitz. When he and Rex Ryan used to go up against one another in Ravens-Steelers matchups, it seemed like a contest of who could come up with the more exotic blitz package. Hell, “Blitzburgh” is a popular moniker used when describing the team’s defense [...]

Played Like a Raven – “Flacco to Boldin” Whether Joe’s first pass of the day was simply a little leftover hiccup from Cincinnati, or a huge wake up call that b-slapped him mentally back into the game, things were different from pass #2 onward.  “Good Joe,” showed up, sound mechanics and all, stepping into his [...]

Maybe Anita Marks was right all along… /excuse me while I rinse the vomit from my mouth While I’d still maintain that the addition of just one player cannot take an offense instantly from mediocre to dynamic and dangerous, Anquan Boldin made quite an argument for himself Sunday afternoon in Charm City. Boldin hauled in [...]

Goob and Nestminder took to the M&T Bank Stadium tailgate lots on the morning of the Ravens vs. Browns game to bring you some first-hand footage.  Included are interviews with: Out-of-place Jets fan Commuting Clevelanders Josh Cribbs if he were a large white man The famous Ray Lewis impersonator Ravens’ Superfan Rodney More!

The Goob and I will be at the Ravens’ home opener on Sunday, and we want YOU to come tailgate with us. Find us at the lot on the corner of Ostend and Scott Street (red in the photo). When you walk into the lot, go towards the left where the fence separates the two [...]

Big ups to our boys over at The Purple Chaos for getting hold of this footage. This NFL Films special, on “The Ray Lewis Coaching Tree,” has been the talk of B’More this week (well, along with how much Joe Flacco sucks), and it’s well worth your time to watch. It’s been said, but it [...]

Our Ravens head back to Charm City for a football game for the first time in nearly a month this Sunday to take on the Cleveland Browns. And boy, could they use the home cookin’. The Ravens, Arizona Cardinals, and Miami Dolphins are the only teams yet to play a home game through the first [...]

Make sure you check out our previous editions of Cleveland Browns Lookalikes! here and here. The Browns, forever in rebuilding mode, seem to have a fair amount of roster turnover year-to-year compared to other teams. As a result, there is no shortage of goofy/familiar looking new guys to poke fun at in this space. Don’t [...]