Sunday, March 29th, 2015

New Segment: “Goob’s Monday Morning Hangover”


Each year, the Nest brings you some of the best post-game reactions in Baltimore . As a new blogger to the site, check in after each game for my new segment appropriately titled “Monday Tuesday Morning Hangover”.

Antics such as this each Sunday are the reason for the title of the new segment

For most home (and this year, many away) games, I am found causing a ruckus in the stands and typically get on a few rants whether it’s positive or negative about the outcome of the game. This year, I will play out my emotions either by the strike of a computer key or youtube video- depending on my mood or BAC.

Please check back to the Nest for my take on one or many aspects of the previous day’s gridiron battle. I promise my coverage of the Ravens will be 100000% better than my O’s coverage- it’s my true passion.

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