Tuesday, March 31st, 2015

Tuesday Morning Hangover: Ravens 10, Jets 9


This is my first installment of “Monday Tuesday Morning Hangover”. This video shows two things:

1.) I have a lot of practice to go before I’m on ESPN

2.) I’m the best gap toothed person on camera since Michael Strahan.

So please sit back and enjoy the video, it sure as hell beats reading. Let me know any critiques or changes you’d like me to make for next time.

Warning: Video has PG-13(ish) content


One Response to “Tuesday Morning Hangover: Ravens 10, Jets 9”
  1. I know it’s a little amateurish for the first recording of the year and I made a few mistakes such as the “Ravens hosted the game” but this is hard.. I promise nothing but greatness from here on out

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