Sunday, April 19th, 2015

Played Like a Raven – Ray Lewis Best Picture Ever? Some surmised that the performance we saw from Lewis in the season opener against New York was a result of his personal motivations against his former defensive coordinator Rex Ryan, and that it wasn’t indicative of the way the 15-year veteran was likely to play [...]

Ravens fans’ gripe du jour with the NFL officials is the roughing the passer flag on Terrell Suggs. The call has been widely panned as atrocious, and it will be interesting to see how the NFL tries to explain it away. They may just ignore it and hope the whole thing goes away (the call [...]

Damn Bengals.  They seem to have perfected this whole “beat the Ravens by only kicking field goals” thing. In an effort to avoid wrapping my laptop’s power cord around my neck, or just throwing the whole thing through the television, let’s first take a look at the positives from Sunday’s game. Trust me, there actually [...]

Here is the immediate reaction from “The Goob” following the Ravens 1st loss of the year. I know we’re all disappointed in the loss from our beloved purple and black but at least you didn’t have to videotape your feelings. Check it out…

No matter how horrible of a call is made on the field, criticizing the officials on calls made in a game is a big no-no in the NFl. Ray Lewis, no stranger to being fined by the NFL commissioners office, may find himself writing another check to the “Human Fund” for retired players after his [...]

Next up in the “teams whose head coach owes their job to Ray Lewis” are the Cincinnati Bengals. Now we just need the Jacksonville Jaguars (Jack Del Rio) and the 2005-2008 San Francisco 49ers (Mike Nolan) to complete the “#52′s head coach’s tree.” Marvin Lewis’ team is still licking their wounds from that 38-24 drubbing [...]

This season’s slate of Lookalikes! at the Nest kicks off with the Cincinnati Bengals. We’ve had plenty of fun with the Bungholes in this space in the past so be sure to check out the 2008 edition (prominently featuring the late Chris Henry-R.I.P.) here, and the 2009 edition here. This year we’re going to zero [...]

Preston’s words in italics. In the Ravens’ 10-9 win against the Jets Monday night, Ryan was clearly outcoached by head coach John Harbaugh and the Ravens staff. It wasn’t really close. The Ravens made some adjustments to their game plan, while the Jets stayed status quo on their way to defeat. It was evident right [...]

Here at the Nest, we decided that, since Rex Ryan wants to take his “Play Like a ____” slogan with him to New York, Monday night’s game would be played for the rights to continue to use the phrase here. Had the Ravens lost the game, we’d have let Rex have it, and would have [...]

For a lot of the night, Bart Scott may have outplayed Ray Lewis, causing a fumble and hurrying Joe Flacco several times. But in crunch time, it was Ray-Ray who had the final say. Two plays after this hit, Keller would step out of bounds after 9 yards on 4th-and-10, ending the game. Who’s to [...]