Saturday, March 28th, 2015

I’m sure many of you out there are, like me, Maryland Terrapin fans.  And watching this game, I’ll bet many of you also, like me, felt like you were watching Labor Day’s Maryland-Navy game all over again, only this time from the Navy fan’s point of view. They weren’t quite the goalline possessions that the [...]

This is my first installment of “Monday Tuesday Morning Hangover”. This video shows two things: 1.) I have a lot of practice to go before I’m on ESPN 2.) I’m the best gap toothed person on camera since Michael Strahan. So please sit back and enjoy the video, it sure as hell beats reading. Let [...]

Each year, the Nest brings you some of the best post-game reactions in Baltimore . As a new blogger to the site, check in after each game for my new segment appropriately titled “Monday Tuesday Morning Hangover”. Antics such as this each Sunday are the reason for the title of the new segment For most [...]

Well, if the Atlanta Falcons weren’t the worst team ever in the history of teams, the Ravens could be sitting in first place in the AFC North this morning without having yet even played a down in 2010. The Bengals came out looking like the Bungles of old against the Patriots before getting things together [...]

Sunday is finally here, with a full slate of NFL action to get us primed for the Ravens’ Monday night clash with the Jets. Day 4 of our quick Ravens season preview sends the Ravens to another Monday Night road game, brings the Super Bowl Champs to Charm City, and closes up the season with [...]


You may look at the bottom of the AL East standings and see the Orioles 34 games behind the division leading Yankees. With 87 losses this year, it is quite possible that the same team that started the season in the most embarrassing fashion ever may actually come in under 100 total losses this year. [...]

Today is Thursday, which means we are now down to three work days remaining until we get to watch our purple and black take the field for a meaningful football game for the first time since that awful night in Indianapolis. Day 2 of our quick Ravens season preview sees the Ravens take on a [...]

Just as I did last year, with four miserable work days to fill between now and the Ravens’ opening kickoff of the season, I’ll again do a quick little mini-preview of the Ravens’ schedule. First, the obligatory disclaimer: Of course, all of these predictions are based on rosters, teams, etc., as they stand today. Injuries, [...]