Saturday, March 28th, 2015

So what better to do on a boring bye week than share this video, of a Philadelphia Eagles fan who might just hate the Pittsburgh Steelers as much as any Ravens fan. So, so much gold here. Some highlights: 0:41: “I go on Google today, type in controversial calls and Pittsburgh Steelers, and 344,000 instances [...]

Ray Rice had a solid, if unspectacular, day Sunday, rushing for 72 yards on 16 carries (4.5 ypc). Mike Preston wrote on Monday that Rice seems to be a bit slow hitting his holes, making too many cuts trying to find the “home run.” Running back Ray Rice carried the ball 16 times for 72 [...]

Well, here’s what all these trolling Buffalo fans have been waiting for all weekend: Goob getting in front of the camera again. Here, he offers his rebuttal to the Buffalonians…and might even mention the game if there’s time. Don’t count on it, though.

On Sunday at M&T Bank Stadium, the Ravens honored the 2000 Super Bowl team with a “homecoming” of sorts. Maybe they should have let those guys play a bit. Even though most of them haven’t stepped foot on a field in nearly a decade, they certainly couldn’t have been any worse than the current Ravens [...]

We all remember the last time the Ravens and Buffalo Bills met, back in the 2007 season. There are some unfortunate similarities between that game and this one, namely: The 2007 meeting was in Week 7, as is this one. Entering that game, the Bills were 1-4, and the Ravens were 4-2. This time, the [...]

Here’s Goob Theoharris with another installment of “Goob’s Pregame Thoughts.”  In this week’s edition, he takes aim at Buffalo, with its horrible climate, Super Bowl failures, and team full of players we’ve never heard of.  We don’t really hate ya, Buffalo, but you’re next on the schedule, and you gots ta get dealt with.

The Ravens take on the Buffalo Bills this week, a team they haven’t met since the 2007 season. As such, we’ve never done a Bills version of Lookalikes! up until now, and their roster is just full of goofy and/or familiar looking players. Let’s get down to it… We’ll start with an easy one. Although [...]

On Sunday in Foxborough, Ray Rice was again the Ravens’ most important weapon on offense, as evidenced by his 36 (!!) touches. However, all credit must be given to Bill Belichick and the Patriots defense, who figured out a way to keep Rice from going buck wild on them despite getting the ball nearly 40 [...]

As I mentioned on Twitter yesterday, Tom Brady was slapping the ground and throwing a hissy fit begging for a flag after being hit on the helmet by…Matt Light, the Patriots’ left tackle. Sure, Haloti hit him too, but I’m pretty sure he was bitching about being hit in the head. As you can see [...]

On Sunday, the Ravens lost. They lost to a very good football team. They lost to a very good football team with a Hall-of-Fame head coach. They lost to a very good football team with a Hall-of-Fame head coach and a Hall-of-Fame quarterback. They lost to a very good football team with a Hall-of-Fame head [...]