Tuesday, April 21st, 2015

Goob’s Pregame Thoughts: Ravens @ Patriots


As you’ll see below in his latest video, Goob is really starting to get the hang of this green screen thing, and is finding a comfort level in front of the camera.  In his latest, he hates on the Patriots, Spygate, the Red Sox, Massholes, Dunkin Donuts, and touches on Joe Flacco’s unibrow and living situation, the Ray Lewis Old Spice commercials, and last season’s epic Ravens beatdown of the Patriots in the playoffs.

Here’s Goob, with his Ravens-Patriots preview:


3 Responses to “Goob’s Pregame Thoughts: Ravens @ Patriots”
  1. The Future Mrs. Joe Flacco says:

    Great! I was hoping you’d make fun of Brady’s hair. My theory is that he is trying to look more European, since his wife has been making out with European’s so much lately…

  2. Matt says:

    Is it just me is Tom Biebier is starting to look like a drag queen version of Gisele? So which short white guy concerns you the most? Welker, Jewish Welker or Running Back Welker?

  3. Nestminder says:

    In decreasing order:


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