Sunday, March 29th, 2015

For the third time in just over a calendar year, the Ravens travel to Foxborough to take on the New England Patriots on their home turf. So will this trip end in heartbreak like the 2009 regular season meeting, or in jubilation as the playoff matchup did? The Patriots have won 22 consecutive regular season [...]

As you’ll see below in his latest video, Goob is really starting to get the hang of this green screen thing, and is finding a comfort level in front of the camera.  In his latest, he hates on the Patriots, Spygate, the Red Sox, Massholes, Dunkin Donuts, and touches on Joe Flacco’s unibrow and living [...]

The Minnesota Vikings signed former Raven CB Frank Walker to a 1-year deal today.  Here, Goob reacts to the Vikings’ season ending the signing:

This week, I was contacted by the guys at the Patriots’ blog Foxboroblog about answering some questions on this week’s Ravens-Patriots game. I happily obliged, and sent them some questions as well. Here’s what I asked Ricky of Foxboroblog, and what he had to say (see his questions and my answers here): 1. Were you [...]

Long-time readers of the site will know that last year, we changed the name of our weekly “best Raven” award to “Play Like a Ray Rice,” after a string of having to give the honor to #27 week after week after week. He started 2010 off slowly, but Rice looked like his old self again [...]

Monday Morning hangover takes on a whole new meaning this week. Being off work for Columbus Day today, I may have overdone it a bit yesterday. So, while I go ice my head and hunt down some Gatorade, here’s Goob with his thoughts on the Ravens’ pounding of the Denver Broncos yesterday:

Just like they always seem to do, the Denver Broncos rolled in and promptly rolled over at M&T Bank Stadium yesterday afternoon. Their defense put together an impressive goalline stand on the Ravens’ opening drive, stopping the Ravens on 2nd, 3rd, and 4th at 1 on what should have been an 89-yard touchdown drive, and [...]

Passing along a media announcement for any of you who will be at the game Sunday and would like to meet these former Ravens and Colts greats: TWO BALTIMORE LEGENDS AT GIANT’S RAVENS WALK SPACE SUNDAY WHAT: Before the kick-off of Sunday’s game against the Denver Broncos, Giant Food of Landover, Md. will host two [...]

When the Denver Broncos roll into M&T Bank Stadium on Sunday, history will not be on their side. Denver is 0-4 all time in B’More, the last loss being the 30-7 shellacking the Ravens put on them last season. Again the Broncos come into town with an apparent “house of cards” number attached to them. [...]

A win against the Pittsburgh Steelers, especially in their house – something the Ravens have only done 5 times in their history – always requires a full team effort, even more so than the typical NFL victory. There were a few Ravens, however, that stood out and deserve to be recognized in this week’s “Play [...]