Saturday, March 28th, 2015

Hung over? Shit, after that game, most of Baltimore is probably still drinking and celebrating. Anyway, here’s Goob with his weekly Monday Morning Hangover, and he’s got some choice words for all those Flacco-doubters out there.

Look at all those sad pandas! Did we just witness the maturation of Joe Flacco as an NFL quarterback? That’s what many of the talking sports heads in the media are saying this morning – that Joe, by virtue of his game winning touchdown drive during the final minute of yesterday’s win over the Pittsburgh [...]

Some people get all pumped up at the prospect of another hard-hitting, close-fought, drag out brawl between these two hated division rivals. These people bask in the mutual hatred shared by the two fanbases, drinking in every last ounce of disdain as kickoff approaches. Usually, I’m one of those people. For some reason this time [...]