Wednesday, April 1st, 2015

T.O. interviewed former Raven and shoo-in NFL Hall of Famer Deion Sanders on “The T.Ocho Show” this week.  When asked by T.O. who the best defensive back in the NFL today is, Sanders was definitive and concise in his assessment: Ed. Reed. Also, “I like Troy Polamalu, but he isn’t a[n] Ed Reed.” Amen, Prime [...]

If I told you that Todd Heap caught a 65-yard touchdown pass, what would you immediately imagine? Most likely a 2003 vintage Brian Billick “jump ball” type play where Heap simply out leaps about four defenders in the end zone and comes down with the score, right? Certainly, you wouldn’t picture Heap catching a 25-yard [...]

Goob didn’t make it to the Tampa Bay vs. Ravens game this week, so there will be no cringe-worthy interview moments in this week’s Hangover (a la Miami, Atlanta, Carolina, etc.).  Just some good ol’ fashioned YouTube-yappin’. Also, some bonus Buffalo Bills hate.

This week, the Ravens play their third straight game against an NFC South opponent, taking on the upstart Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Many Ravens fans had circled this game as a win coming into the season, as the Bucs were coming off a 3-13 2009 season, and have the youngest roster in the NFL. Tampa, however, [...]

The Baltimore Ravens are currently 7-3. It’s the best record they’ve ever had under head coach John Harbaugh, and tied for the second best 10-game start in team history (they were 8-2 in 2006, and 7-3 in 2004, both under Brian Billick). However, listening to the local airwaves, an outsider who didn’t know any better [...]

A friend of mine was born and raised in Miami. This friend now lives in Chattanooga, TN and had an open invite ( WHICH HE DECLINED) to come to the game with me a few weekends ago. Because this friend is apparently not die hard enough to travel and watch his team (back when the [...]

Today the Orioles announced they have hired Willie Randolph as bench coach. And now back to Ravens coverage….

Over three years ago, we B’More fans were hurt and angered by the words of the newly-former Raven Adalius Thomas.  Here at the Nest, we reported the story under the title “Ben-AD-ict Arnold,” referring to Thomas’ nickname of “AD” and the most famous traitor of all-time, Benadict Arnold (no relation – I don’t think).  Thomas, [...]

In what is becoming a weekly occurrence, Goob Theoharris was once again spotted on the real TV (as opposed to the fake TV, YouGoob YouTube.)  Last week, of course, he was seen creepily stalking Joe Flacco.  This time around, he congratulates Coach Harbaugh on the win over Carolina. As seen on 1 Winning Drive on [...]

Nest roving reporter Goob Theoharris, fresh off his trip to Atlanta for the Ravens-Falcons game, made the cross state trek from Raleigh to Charlotte to see the Ravens take on the Carolina Panthers. Wanna see how it went? (sacrilege warning @ 6:43) How nobody pulls a Richard Seymour to this guy’s Ben Roethlisberger, I seriously [...]