Friday, March 27th, 2015

Dolphins Fan Loses Bet


A friend of mine was born and raised in Miami. This friend now lives in Chattanooga, TN and had an open invite ( WHICH HE DECLINED) to come to the game with me a few weekends ago.

Because this friend is apparently not die hard enough to travel and watch his team (back when the hype train was actually moving) he is now subject to much ridicule because of a bet- which was his idea.

Knowing how awesome the Ravens are and how they had no shot to lose to Miami, I decided to take this bet. Had I lost, you would have seen me making a Dolphins post game video wearing a Dolphins jersey. We all know the outcome of the game so we can now bask in victory (even though it was weeks ago) and thank the lord that we aren’t having to stoop as low as this guy.


Dolphins Loser


2 Responses to “Dolphins Fan Loses Bet”
  1. NestMinder says:

    I was really hoping this was going to be Steve when I saw it…

  2. hmmm….Ravens are good…and i am a bigger fan of them….

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