Saturday, April 18th, 2015

Despite leading by just a single touchdown two plays into the fourth quarter, the Ravens dominated the Carolina Panthers over the final ten minutes of play, and two defensive touchdowns gave B’More a comfortable 24 point victory. The defensive touchdowns were the Ravens’ first two of the 2010 season, an oddity for a unit that [...]

Have you ever wanted to party with a ton of Ravens fans at an away game? Do you like watching Goob make an ass out of himself? Do you want to be in the next video? If you answered “yes,” to these questions….WELL HERE’S YOUR CHANCE! Where: 225 S. Mint St. Charlotte Parking Cost: [...]

This Sunday, the Ravens travel to Charlotte for the second of three consecutive clashes with the NFC South.  They managed a 3-1 record against the AFC East this season, and after last week’s heartbreaking loss to Atlanta, that’s the best they can hope for against the other conference this year.  The Carolina Panthers offer a [...]

This is the first time the Ravens have met the Carolina Panthers in regular season action since 2006. As this blog has only been in existence since 2007, this marks the first chance for us to go through Carolina’s roster and pick out the goofy and/or familiar looking faces. So, what treasures of ugliness lie [...]

Ray Rice had about as quiet a 100-yard performance as one can ever have on Thursday night. The Ravens offense was again shut out for the first 30 minutes of a road game, and was largely ineffective until very late in the game, but this was not Rice’s fault. Rice had 59 yards on 12 [...]

Not only did we have the best time ever tailgating in Atlanta (if you haven’t seen the video, click the previous post) but I also got hooked up with on field passes. This was easily one of the coolest things to ever happen to me. I got to meet Gerry Sandusky and Qadry Ismail before [...]

On Thursday, I, along with thousands of other Ravens fans, invaded the Georgia Dome to watch the Ravens hopefully beat the Falcons. Unfortunately, we all know the way the game turned out but I seriously have to say, this was one of the most fun times I’ve ever had a football game. I would have [...]

Three days after Thursday night’s loss in Atlanta, and I can finally bring myself to think about the game without the uncontrollable urge to throw the laptop through the window…well, for the most part. Perhaps the most infuriating thing about the game can be said for not only this game in particular, but the 2010 [...]

Here’s Goob Theoharris debuting at his new gig, working the sideline for NFL Network:

Just four days after dispatching of “the other” other quarterback taken in the first two rounds of the 2008 Draft, Chad Henne (to the point that he was benched), Joe Flacco has the chance to take on the guy with which his fortunes will be forever linked and compared, fellow 2008 first round draft pick [...]